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How to insulate wooden house

How to insulate wooden house

Insulate your wooden house in winter is not difficult, if you only know a few simple algorithms.

Stock up on insulator!

You will need

  • Additional radiators
  • Thermal insulation and sealants



To heat the wooden house, it is necessary to understand,how it communicates warmth. The wooden floors should be a source of heating, as well as the conditions under which it will be cool. Thus, heat exchange will occur. Typically, the heater is a heating radiator. The air cools the walls of the house. This process involves the ceiling, walls and floor. First, the hot air rises to the ceiling, and then creeps along the walls, reaching cooling floor. It turns out that the most warm the building structure in the house - the ceiling. And here is the coldest place, in this case, is the floor, because the air has time to cool down. It often seems to us that the "legs blowing" and comes to warm the feet, fasten the socks or boots. Gender is not an ice itself - so it made the cold air!


The warm air inside the house is cooled outer walls. Those walls, which are located inside the house in a little heat exchange involved. Therefore, following the logic, additional heat sources, it is desirable to install the windows. To put in the middle of the room is another radiator - of little activity, but at the outer wall at the bottom, and even the windows - the most it. Yet it is important to warm the house in the following sequence: the ceiling, exterior walls and the floor. Thus the air will circulate without managing to get cold, so the legs do not have particularly warm. Owners of wooden houses is important to remember that the holes are often formed in their home. The walls between the beams, for example. And the window can not be too high quality. Eliminating mechanical causes the penetration of cold in the house - one of the most important steps.


Find a place, from which blows. Just pay attention to the moist areas and places where the wall is docked with the floor. Arm seal the insulator and each place from which blows. A layer of a substance should be not less than 150 millimeters. Do not save, will be warmer. The wooden construction of the house is very important that the windows were of high quality. If it does not have to change them. It is recommended to put them in a good sealant. On the floor should be simple - put the carpet. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can think about home decoration materials to insulate the outside. It takes more time, but the comfort is worth it!

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