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How to insulate the chimney with your own hands

How to insulate the chimney with your own hands</a>

Everyone knows about the need to insulate walls, window blocks and doors, but some neglect the chimney insulation, or they may not even know that this element of the dwelling must also be insulated.

If you do not perform this procedure, the chimneyIs subject to rapid destruction. This is especially evident in the cold period, when the difference in home temperature to the street temperature is great. It must be remembered that the insulated chimney will be reliably preserved from the effects of many factors.

To insulate this element you will not needA lot of stuff. As a rule, slag-concrete slabs or plaster are used as insulation. The main thing when choosing a material is to take into account its weight, since too high a load can destroy the roof of your house. In order to insulate the chimney with plaster, you need to clean the outer surface. Then, using a ready-made mortar and a metal mesh, layer by layer to apply a heater. Remember that an excessive number of layers will weight the design, so do not overdo it.

To insulate the plates you will need plaster and clay. Having constructed a box at a distance of eight centimeters from the chimney, it is necessary to fill the cavity with a solution.

Here are two reliable and inexpensive ways to insulate the chimney. After the operation, you will forever forget about your problems and will enjoy the comfort and coziness in your home. Good luck!

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