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How to heat the battery


How to heat the battery</a>

With the onset of the winter season and the arrival of severe frosts, the question of the morning start of the car engine is as urgent as ever.

The cause of the difficult start of the engine in the frost is a frozen battery.

You will need

  • Capacity with hot water, electric heater, electric hairdryer.



The cooled electrolyte loses its density, whichLeads to a decrease in the charge of the battery, and, consequently, to an insufficient supply of electricity to the starter, which after several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, refuses to scroll it.


And, it would seem, to the end the discharged battery,After several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, is no longer capable of anything, without additional charging from the mains. But such a statement is very erroneous.


It is still possible to restore the battery charge without connecting to the charger. To achieve this goal, it is sufficient to heat up the electrolyte in the battery.


To achieve this, you can, for example, immerse the battery in a container of hot water, but so that the battery cover remains at the top, above the surface of the water.


Or install the battery in the path of the warm air flow coming from any heating device (electric hair dryer, air heater, etc.).

How to heat the battery


After the battery caseWill become warm, again try again to start the engine, and I assure you, the car owner will be pleasantly surprised. The starter will scroll the engine with such fury, as if the ambient temperature is not minus 30, but plus 30 degrees.

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