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How warm the battery

How to warm up the battery

With the onset of winter and the arrival of heavy frost could not be more urgent question of morning start the car engine.

The cause difficulty starting the engine in cold weather becomes frozen battery.

You will need

  • The capacity of the hot water, electric heater, electric hair dryer.



Cooled electrolyte loses its density, whichIt leads to a decrease in the battery charge, and therefore to an insufficient supply of electricity to the starter which, after several failed attempts to start the engine refuses to scroll.


And, apparently, until the end of the discharged battery,after several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, has more on what not capable, without additional charging from the mains. But such a statement is very wrong.


Restore the battery charge is still possible without having to connect to the charger. To achieve such a goal is enough to warm up the electrolyte in the battery.


Possible to achieve the task, for example, dipping the battery in a hot water tank, but so that the top of the battery cover remains over the water surface.


Or replace the battery in the way of the flow of warm air coming from any heater (electric hair dryer, heater, etc.).

How to warm up the battery


After the battery housingwill be warm again, repeat the motor launch attempt, and I assure you, the car owner will be pleasantly surprised. The starter will scroll with fury engine as if ambient temperature is minus 30 and plus 30 degrees.

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