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HOW insulate the water drain in a private house

How to insulate a private home in the sewers

With the need for insulation of sewage pipes,usually facing residents of private homes. Reply unambiguously whether it should be impossible, since a huge role here played by the technology used for buildings and climatic zones.

Despite this, we can say with confidence that the warming of the water drain significantly prolongs its operation.

Insulation of sewage is done in order to avoidthe formation of ice jams and explosion due to changes in temperature. But the occurrence of such situations can only be due to improper packing, or in case of failure of the treatment plant. A well-laid sewer pipes do not require additional insulation. The exception is the pipe with access to the outdoors. These include junction with meters and pumps.

Insulate pipes is easy, so to solve this problem the owner of a private house can do on their own. For this we can use a number of ways.

Methods of insulation of sewage

The easiest and cheapest way isburying pipes below the soil freezes. But it should be done, given the continental location, as in every city and suburbs their level of soil freezing.

The disadvantage of this method of protection sewer is a special structure of the soil and the presence of harmful substances and insects that can destroy the structure of the pipe.

In addition, it is necessary to take into accountthe need to repair the pipeline in case of breakout. To repair it, the pipe will have to re-digging. This process is time-consuming. Besides, if it is necessary to dig it completely, then a reuse pipe desirable, therefore, need to purchase new, and this is the extra cost. On this basis, we can conclude that this method is impractical.

The second method is thermal insulationusing electric cables laid along the pipeline. Due to the cable conduit is in heat, regardless of outdoor temperature. Less of this method is completely dependent on the power supply when it is turned off heating pipes terminated.

For heating pipes in the inside of the pipeline scheme additionally switched tee, allowing input of the heating cable.

The third way to protect the sewer is the use of suitable insulation, such as:

- steklovata-
- Styrofoam
- Foamed polyethylene
- expanded clay
- In the form of cylinders insulation.

There are also complete solutions, consisting in the use of foil as a heat reflector.

Installing insulation

Today, more and more often used for the insulation of the insulation, in the form of cylinders. To do this, selected cylinders, which must match the diameter of the pipe.

Cylinders are placed on sewage pipes sothat, in the places where it joins the edges of the overlap formed, the width of which should not be less than 10 cm. Joining the edges of insulation is fixed by means of adhesive tape. In places the tube bends are set shapes shell-shaped tee or removal.

Anyone who wants to, as long as possible to deal with sewer repair, should take care of its insulation. To neglect this can only be residents of the southern regions.

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