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How to warm up automatic transmission

In recent years it becomes more and more vehicles with automatic transmission. But not all motorists understand how to act in a particular case, when you want automatic service.

In this article you will learn how to maintain as long as possible availability of your box by her warm during the cold season.



At minus fifteen degrees to become oilviscous, causing the pressure in the box. Therefore it is better to you to spend a couple of minutes to warm up the engine, than to pay a lot of money for repairs automatic transmission.


Many owners of cars with automatic transmission during the cold season they prefer to travel at a low speed, engine warming up, without developing a large turns. It is not always convenient, so it is better to warm up the oil before the trip.


Start warming up:
a. Start the engine, wait for a while.
b. After the engine has earned stable, secure car handbrake. Turnover in this case, do not lift - it threatens to bring down your automatic transmission.
c. After 1-3 minutes of engine idling, turn the selector to the neutral position (R) for a few seconds, then (D) mode.
d. In this mode, warming up the oil from two to four minutes.
e. Everything can be touched and quietly go about their business.

How to warm up automatic transmission


Do not be afraid of such a procedure, in which there is nothing wrong, as in the streets and at the traffic lights you do the same.

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