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As wallpaper glue on wallpaper

As wallpaper glue on wallpaper

Repairs in the apartment usually want to spend in a short time.

Here and there are questions about how and where to "cheat."

Some were particularly interested in how to save money, while others - their own time and energy.

The most commonly employed people contemplating, perhapsWhether the new wallpaper glue on the old. Experts, of course, will answer this question in the negative, advised carefully prepare the surface of the wall before pasting.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, which just wanted to take advantage.

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper

The answer to the question of whether to glue the new wallpaper can be onother coating, largely depends on the material from which made the old wallpaper. If they are paper or pokleit reliably and smoothly, the answer is yes.
There are times you need to mention that this is possiblein the event that there are no defects, tears and irregularities old wallpaper. Be sure to check all the joints of the old coating for lagging behind the wall. If there is the slightest likelihood that at the junction of old wallpaper can keep up with the new wall, you need to treat these areas glue joints.

Be careful when using wallpaper paste. It should not be applied in large quantities in the new coating. Otherwise, the old wallpaper glue softened and the old and the new coating can move away from the wall, along with the old.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the possibilitycoloring properties of the old paper coating. If you pokleit it delicate wallpaper, paint can tread through them and thereby spoil all your work. Also as a result of sticking thin wallpaper (especially uni) on top of the old structure and colorful can manifest the fact of being underneath the old coating.
Vinyl wallpaper have the ability to repelwater and consequently, wallpaper glues. And because the new stick coating on vinyl almost unreal. Also it is necessary to take into account that most of the vinyl wallpaper has a relief structure. If a new coat thin and transparent, it will be quite noticeable.
As for non-woven wallpaper base, theyhave a surface made of vinyl, and therefore to glue them on the new coating is also not recommended. However, non-woven wallpaper is quite easy to remove from the walls. More precisely, torn off their vinyl surface, and on the wall is fleece. In this case, the new coating can be pokleit in the fleece.

What do you get when pokleit wallpaper Wallpaper

To determine the order, whether to hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, it is desirable to first weigh the pros and cons of this decision.
What are the benefits you will receive:
- Save a lot of time and effort on the stripping of old Coatings
- No need to align the walls.
What are the disadvantages of this method of wallpapering:
- The wall will not vyrovnennymi-
- New coating may be difficult to stick to staromu-
- The new coating after pasting may appear puzyri-
- Increased risk of a variety of bacteria and mold, harmful to human zdorovya-
- The life of the new wallpapers decline, they curl together with old ones.

How to reduce the risk of negative consequences to a minimum

To minimize the risk of negative consequences, old wallpaper should meet the following requirements:
- In texture to be smooth, do not have a surround risunka-
- Its composition is completely bumazhnymi-
- Firmly attached to the surface-
- Relate to a thin oboyam-
- A light pattern or design is not intended to be seen through the new wallpaper.
Furthermore, it should consider the choice of adhesivestaff attentive. To increase the strength of the new coating is desirable to glue soaked old wallpaper through and was able to keep him on the wall surface.

Secrets gluing new wallpaper over old

First, you want to check the reliability of mountingold coating to the surface of the wall. Bonding new wallpapers to start with one bar, allowing it to dry until the next day. If the first is well entrenched and pulls an old coat, keep the new glue strip one by one.

It is safer to clean the surface of the old wallcoating, primed and degreased, and then to proceed to the new glueing. Preparing walls requires time and financial costs, but the result will be more durable.

If after some time on the wallpaper appearedlittle bubbles, you can try to smooth them with a hot iron. At the time of the work associated with the walls of wallpaper pasting, exclude active air movement. To do this, keep the windows closed, turn off the air conditioning or fan, move in the room at an average rate.
Ventilate the room can be only when completely dry, new wallpaper on the walls, ie after about 3-5 days.

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