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How to Crochet the Neck


How to Crochet the Neck</a>

Crocheted products are beautiful and practical. True dress or blouse will look good only if the mating is neat.

It is especially important to beautifully process the neck, armholes and cuffs.

In this case, the methods of making a cutout will be different for items from individual motifs and those that are connected by a single cloth or from large parts.

You will need

  • - yarn-
  • - hook for the thickness of yarn-
  • - pattern of the product-
  • - tailor's pins.



If you knit a sweater or a dress of largeDetails (shelves, back and sleeves), tie the shelf to the place where the neck begins. Find the middle of the row and mark it in some way (for example, with a knot).


Next, knit one half of the canvas. Gradually subtract the hinges from the side of the cutout. The order of reduction depends on the shape of the neck. For example, for a V-shaped cut, tie two bars together through a row, if the cutout is long and narrow, and in each row, if it is short. Simultaneously, reduce the hinges for the armhole according to the pattern. In general, the part must be periodically applied to the template and even pinned with pins to check whether you are doing the right thing.


Tie up to the shoulder seam and close the hinges. Tie the thread to the place where you split the knitting, and perform the second half of the part. The order of decreasing the number of loops will be the same, but the detail should be mirrored. This method is good for products connected by simple knitting, such as columns with or without a crochet.


Round neck cut is about the same, onlyThe reduction procedure will be different. Tie the part to the beginning of the neck, divide the knitting in half as well as in the previous case. Mark the middle, then tie the row to the end, turn the work around and tie it almost to the mark, leaving 5-6 middle posts unbroken. Turn the knitting again, and the second row until the end (that is, up to the armhole line). In the 3rd, 5th and 7th rows, do not hang on the last 3-4 pillars. Then knit directly, without adding or subtracting, to the shoulder seams. Fasten the thread and tear off. Tie in the mirror image the second half of the part.


In knitwear is often found and squareCutout. It is executed as follows. Tie the part to the cut line. While doing the last row, find and mark the middle, then tie the row to the end. Turn the work, begin to knit the next row, but, without getting to the middle of 12-15 bars, turn it over again. The remaining rows are knit directly, without adding or subtracting. The second half is exactly the same.


If you knit a product from separate motifs,Make the right number of squares, circles or flowers, knit them on a pattern and fasten with a needle or hook. In this case, the neck can be made in several ways. For example, tying - to start with simple bars. Make sure that the fabric does not pull together. Then you can make a series of columns with a crochet or lace the lace, representing a combination of bars and chains, in which the next row are banded groups of columns.

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