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HOW vyvyazyvayut crochet neck

As vyvyazyvayut crochet neck

Products, crochet, beautiful and practical. True dress or blouse will look good only if the binding executed accurately.

It is especially important to treat beautiful neck, armholes and cuffs.

At the same time how to perform the cut will be different for products from individual motives and those associated with one blade or large parts.

You will need

  • - pryazha-
  • - Hook thickness pryazhi-
  • - Pattern products-
  • - Dressmaker pins.



If you knit a sweater or dress largecomponents (shelves, back and sleeves), dovyazhite shelf to the point where the neck begins. Find the middle of the series and how any of its mark (for example, a bundle).


Then knit one half of the leaf. Gradually take away from the hinge recess. The order of subtraction depends on the shape of the neck. For example, for a V-shaped recess provyazyvayte along column 2 via a number if a long and narrow cut-out, and in each row, if it is short. At the same time take away the loop for the armholes according to the pattern. In general, the item must be periodically applied to the patterns, and even pinned down to check whether you are doing the correct subtraction.


Dovyazhite to shoulder seam and close the loop. Tie the thread to the place where you shared the knitting, and follow the second half of the details. The procedure for reducing the number of loops to be the same, but the item should get a mirror image. This method is good for manufacturing of a simple viscous, such as columns with or without nakida.


Round neckline fit about the same, onlysubtraction procedure will be different. Dovyazhite prior neck part, split in half knitting same as in the previous case. Mark the middle, and then dovyazhite number to the end, turn the work and dovyazhite almost up to the mark, leaving neprovyazannymi 5-6 middle columns. Again, turn the knitting, the second row dovyazhite to the end (that is, until armhole line). The 3, 5 and 7 series are not dovyazyvayte 3-4 last column. Next knit straight without the addition and subtraction, to the shoulder seams. Attach the thread and tear off. Tie in the mirror the other half part.


The knitwear is common and squareneckline. He performed well. Dovyazhite detail to the line of the cut. Fulfilling the last row, locate and mark the middle, and then dovyazhite number until the end. Turn the work, knit the next row start, but not until the middle of dovyazav 12-15 columns, turn again. The remaining rows of knit straight without the addition and subtraction. The second half is done in the same way.


If you are knitting the product of individual motifs,make the desired number of squares, circles, or flowers, pinned them on the pattern and seal it with a needle or hook. In this case the neck can be performed in several ways. For example, tie - to start with simple columns. Make sure that the fabric does not contract. You can then make a series of columns with nakida vyvyazat or lace, is a combination of bars and chains, in which the next number provyazyvayutsya group of columns.

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