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How to weave the heel of the toe


How to weave the heel of the toe</a>

When the cold comes, we are increasingly thinking about how it would be nice to wrap our feet in warm woolen socks to always feel comfortable and warm.

Many of us at the first signs of cooling go to the store and buy themselves socks.

But you can tie the socks yourself. In this there is nothing difficult, if you have knitting skills, then you quickly and easily connect yourself with warm socks that will warm you in frosty weather.

When knitting a sock, very often there are problems with the correct loosening of the heel. So, consider step by step how to do this:

You will need

  • Woolen threads, 5 spokes, nylon thread for adding to the heel.



For knitting, prepare five knitting needles. Depending on the density of knitting, on average you will need 100-150 gr. Wool. If the socks are ornamented, then the thread will need a little more.


In a circle from the right to the left, tie the outer side of the 4-5 cm rubber band 1x1x. Bind the elastic band (cuff), knit crochet another 5 cm (up to the ankle). After that, untie the heel.


Divide the knitting into two equal parts and knit the loops only on two spokes: the 3rd and 4th (the loops that are on the 1st and 2nd knitting needles in knitting do not participate).


For ease of operation, first loops withTwo spokes per one (from the 3rd and 4th). Then tie a straight canvas? Height of the heel. The height of the canvas is determined as follows: the number of the outer loops from one of the edges is equal to the number of loops on one spoke.


Form the heel form by loosening the loops. Divide the loops, including the extreme ones, into three equal parts (if the resulting number is not divided into three without remainder, then add the remainder to the middle part).


Begin to knit the first row of the wrong sideCanvases. Connect the loops of the first side part, then all the loops of the middle part. The last loop, connect the back with the next loop of the second side. Leave the remaining loops unintended.


Now knit the second row with facial loops(The front side of the fabric). Remove the last loop and tighten. Connect all the hinges of the middle part, except the last. It connect with the adjacent loop of the first side.


Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows so that all the side loopsParts were tied with the extreme loops of the middle part. The work is finished by tying the front row. Only the loops of the middle part remain on the spoke. If you do it right, you can easily and quickly untie the heel Sock. When forming the heel add a capron or other strong thread to the woolen thread. When you connect the heel, cut off this thread and continue knitting only woolen.

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