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As the voice of anime

Anime is a type of animation that originated in Japan and is widely used around the world.

Typical images of characters - big eyes, dashes instead of the lips and nose, and their conversations are of interest and a desire to try themselves to voice them, not only in children but also in adults.



Before the process of voicing anime studiopreparatory work for the beginning of the anime translated from Japanese into English, and then - from English into Russian. Is translating anime six translators.


After the Russian translation of all textstransmitted fandaberu - man, articulate text. To it must meet the following requirements: voice it should have a clear diction, emotional and loud, this person should be able to cut deals on the go.


Fandaber selects the most successful translation andHe uses his voice to the anime. For ease in reading, all the sheets with the text held together with tape or hung at eye fandabera. At the end of all the cartoon voice to fit the time frame.


Anime Voice in the home and how itIt occurs. There are several options Voice: Use the "Recording" software, Windows Movie Maker and so on. The easiest option for beginners - "Sound Recorder." To do this, select on the "Start" menu of the computer - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Sound Recorder." By connecting a microphone, you can start the voice acting.


What is this program for Windows Movie Maker? It is a versatile program that allows you not only to voice the anime plot during scrolling, but also by selecting the desired interval in a cartoon, arrange it ready audio file recorded in advance on the computer using the "Recording".


Postproduction during scene scroll. If there is no desire prodelyvat additional work on the audio recording separately, it is possible to articulate the text during the show anime. To do this, place the pointer on the green "timeline" and noted the initial frame in the menu, then click "Tools" and select "Scale comment." This menu can check the microphone and, if necessary, reduce the sound quality.


Configure commands "Sound" and "Music": you have to press the sign restrictions voice in order to prevent the displacement or removal of the existing files in the anime. At the end of the done manipulations press the "Turn off speakers", choose "Run".


After the voice, press the button "Stop", and, after listening to all, save the results to a computer.

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