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HOW VKontakte through mobile phone to listen to music

How VKontakte through mobile phone to listen to music

Modern phones support streaming video and audio from the Internet. This feature allows you to listen to music and watch videos, even on the pages of social networking.

For example, you can listen to the desired ringtone from the phone, if you are a user of the popular network "VKontakte".

If your phone on Android

Listening to music on devicesAndroid control can be carried out using the official client "VKontakte", available for phones on this platform. Access the Google Market Installer menu using a shortcut in the main phone menu.
menu will appear before you to download applicationsfor the machine. At the top right of the Google Market window, click the Search icon and enter VK request. The obtained results list, select the social network client and install it by clicking the "Install" button in the Application Manager window.
After installation is complete, you will receivenotification in the status bar, which is located at the top of the screen. Run the program and enter the settings for accessing your account in the system. If the data was entered correctly, you will get to the application menu.
Click on the "Playlist" on the left sidescreen. Choose a ringtone you want to hear and press the play button. Once the pre-loading of the song portion is complete, playback will begin.

The latest versions of Android also have the support of music playback from a preset browser window.

Listen to music you can with a specialplayer available in the program. To do this, click on the song title in the menu, which is available during your finger across the screen from left to right. With the player controls you can switch between tunes and discover new record.

Other operating systems

iPhone Smartphone support playbackmusic directly from Safari browser. Go to your page "VKontakte" and select "Playlist" section. In the proposed list, click on the play button and wait for the start of play. You can also perform the songs playing through the official service program that is available in the AppStore or iTunes menu.

Listen to music on mobile phones and you can using versions of Dolphin Browser, Google Chrome and UC Browser, available in the app store for your device.

For devices based on Windows Phone also hasability to play music directly from the Internet Explorer. It is worth noting that not all phones can play audio from your browser. If you can not start playing tunes on your "VKontakte" page, install the client software on the device from the menu "Market" application by entering the appropriate query in the search box.

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