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HOW VKontakte make reference to human

Put a link to human VKontakte

In response to another user in one of the discussions or on the wall of "VKontakte" can make a reference to the person, which immediately attract his attention.

To this end, special scripts are provided in the social network.



Find your account id to create a link to it. Just click the desired user page and click on the address bar. Copy the profile ID that will look id123456 ... or a word in the Latin alphabet, if the user to create a personal short address.


Use a script that allows to doa reference to a person "VKontakte". It has the form: [URL | link text]. Instead of parameter "URL" enter the ID you copied the page and in the "Link Text" enter a short description. As a result, you get a direct link to a specific profile "VKontakte", which can be used in correspondence or in reference to a person of their own records. Instead, the user ID of the page you can also indicate a link to any available group or a social network of public, as well as photo, video, or music album.


Click "Reply" if you want toleave a comment to a particular user during a discussion with several people. This button is available from almost all records "VKontakte" users. In this case, your message will begin with a reference to a person by the name specified in the profile. Also, you can just leave your comment for the recording of one of the users in order to attract attention to himself.


Try to press the "*" (asterisk onkeyboard) when writing a message. You will see a list of your friends from which you can choose the right person, making a reference to it. In the same way, you can leave a link to a list of dialogues, group, etc.

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