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How to make a link to a person


Put a link to a person VKontakte</a>

When answering another user in one of the discussions or on the "VKontakte" wall, you can link to a person who will immediately attract his attention.

For this purpose, special scripts are provided in the social network.



Find out the account id to create a link to it. Just go to the page of the right user and click on the address bar. Copy the ID of the profile, which will look like id123456 ... or a word in Latin if the user created a personal short address.


Use the script to do thisLink to a person "VKontakte." It has the form: [Link address | Link text]. Instead of the "Link URL" parameter, specify the page identifier you copied, and in the "Link text", enter a short description. As a result, you will receive a direct link to a certain profile "VKontakte", which can be used during correspondence or for mentioning a person in their own records. Instead of the user page ID, you can also specify a link to any available group or social network public, as well as a photo, video or music album.


Click the "Reply" button, if you wantLeave a comment for a particular user during a discussion with several people. This button is available under almost all the users' "VKontakte" records. In this case, your message will begin with a call to the person by the name specified in his profile. Also, you can simply leave your comment under the recording of one of the users to attract attention.


Try pressing the "*" (an asteriskKeyboard) when writing a message. You will see a list of your friends, from which you can select the right person by making a link to it. In the same way, you can leave a link to the list of dialogs, group, etc.

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