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AS via Webmoney make a quick payment

How to make a quick via Webmoney payment

Make quick payment via Webmoney is possible by selecting the relevant section in the form of payment.

To confirm the payment required to obtain a special code in the SMS message, then enter it by agreeing to the terms of payment.

You will need

  • - Webmoney identifier (WMID) is connected with the service "Payment by SMS» -
  • - Purse in title units with sufficient payment sredstv-
  • - Cell phone, whose number is attached to the identifier.



Make quick payment via Webmoney anyone canthe user, who for some reason can not or does not want to use other payment methods offered by this payment system. It should go to the website seller of goods or services, select the desired product, an order, specifying as a payment method Webmoney purse.


Thereafter, the system provides a standard formto make payments via Webmoney. In the window that opens, you need to select «Webmoney - fast delivery", fill in your mobile phone number. It is important to remember that the service is only available to owners of those numbers, which are connected to the option "Payment by SMS». Additionally, the field will need to enter a special code number, which is displayed to the user on a normal picture.


After entering the code, press the "Next" button,until you receive a digital code to the specified mobile phone number. Code for the payment usually comes instantly, in rare cases, users are asked to wait a few minutes. For convenience, the message indicates the session number, which you can compare with the specified value of the site. The resulting code must be entered in the box that appears, then type your password on your own identifier for confirmation of payment. At the final stage, the buyer need to press the "confirm payment", which is located at the bottom of the completed form.


In this fast payment via Webmoney almostcompleted, however, make sure that the payment to the seller actually received. This was reported to the buyer after clicking the button above, with all the details are to identify the payment. Cash when using this method comes to the seller's purse instantly, so expect the transfer is not usually necessary. It is recommended to press the "Return to merchant's website" at the end of the reporting form, which will ensure that the goods have been paid for the service successfully. In a similar way it is possible to fill up personal accounts for individual services rendered by service providers, registrars, hosting and other companies.

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