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Useful than white tea

Useful than white tea

Among connoisseurs of high-end tea white tea enjoyed special respect.

And this is no accident!

This sophisticated drink with a wonderful taste and incomparable aroma, very useful.

White tea is considered to be elite, because itsharvested manually removed from the bushes a gentle bud (tips) and 1-2 upper leaf adjacent to the kidneys. Collection made exclusively in the morning (from 5.00 to 9.00) in clear weather, and only for two days (in early April). At the same time to the workers engaged in this business, there are special requirements: they should not eat spicy food, smoke, drink alcohol and use of perfume (all to tea is not absorbed foreign "flavors"). Harvested steamed leaves no more than a minute, and then dried naturally.

Keep white tea should be in sealed tin containers: Prevent any seepage of light, moisture and different smells.

Useful properties of white tea

It is believed that white tea - the record forthe content of valuable substances. Thus, there are a lot of vitamins (especially A, E, B, P, C), minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidants and other active ingredients. Thanks contained in this drink fluorine white tea is very good for teeth: it prevents tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel, as well as struggling with the appearance of the stone. And contained in this elite drink antioxidants prevent the development of cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system, cleanse the body of cholesterol, toxins. That's why white tea is considered a cleansing, anti-bacterial, and oknoprotektornym immunoukreplyayuschim means.

And this elite tea helps normalizemood, increases blood clotting, fatigue, normalizes blood pressure, struggling with overweight and accelerates wound healing. Not for nothing in China this drink called the "elixir of immortality".

White tea rejuvenates the body, restores skin firmness and elasticity.

Features brewing white tea

To fully enjoy the refined taste andincredible aroma of this elite drink, it is necessary to make correctly. 150 ml of water taking 5 g of dry white tea. Brewed drink in ceramic, glass, or porcelain teapot. At the same time the water temperature for brewing tea should be no higher than 70 ° C, ie, a soft boiled purified water and then by removing the cover from the kettle, wait 8-9 minutes and only then pour the tea. When you first hold the Strait minute, then drain the infusion and drink it slowly, savoring every mouthful made. Time for each subsequent Strait increase by 1 minute. This tea is difficult to mess up, but if it is to overdo, it will be more spicy.

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