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Than ping is useful


Ping pong</a>

Ping-pong is the most interesting and easy way to get rid of excess weight and improve sports performance.

And why is it useful?

The main advantage of ping-pong isavailability. It does not require a very large room and relatively cheap inventory. Of course, if you are not playing on a professional level. So, let's look at the practical benefits of playing ping-pong all the time.
• Strengthening the corporate spirit
Ask the boss to put the table in the office walls so that employees can have fun during lunch breaks and free time. The secret is that ping-pong can rally the collective.
Common Sense in Old Age
Constantly playing ping-pong, you provideA sound mind in old age. It has been scientifically proven that among elderly lovers "snapping a ball" there are no people with mental disorders and Alzheimer's disease
The speed of the game is greatly increased when a personMoves from the level of "Beginner" to the level of "Amateur". At a high rate, it is necessary to take the right decision with lightning speed. Thus, in any stressful situation, the ping-pong player will be easier to adapt.
In ping-pong you can play at almost any age. Obviously, to achieve success, you need to practice regularly. It is enough to pay attention to this sport a couple of times a week.

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