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How useful Ping

Ping pong

Ping Pong - the most interesting and easy way to lose weight and improve athletic performance.

And how useful it is yet?

The main advantage of a ping-pong table isavailability. It takes not very large room, and relatively cheap equipment. Of course, if you are not playing at the professional level. So, consider the practical benefits of a permanent ping-pong.
•; The strengthening of corporate spirit
Ask the chief put the table in the office walls, so that employees can have fun lunch breaks and free time. The secret is that the ping-pong can rally the team.
•; a sound mind in old age
Constantly playing ping-pong, you provideimagine a sound mind in old age. Scientific evidence shows that among older fans of "flip a ball" is not observed people with mental disorders and Alzheimer's disease
Game speed is greatly increased when a personIt goes from "Beginner" level to "Amateur". With lightning fast pace necessary to make the right decision. Thus, in any stressful situation, the player in ping-pong will be easier to adapt.
The ping-pong can be played at almost any age. It is obvious that in order to achieve success you need regularly. Suffice it a couple of times a week to pay attention to the sport.

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