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Why cycling is useful?


What is the use of cycling?</a>

To be healthy and in good shape, physical activity is necessary.

Regular training protects the body against such serious diseases as obesity, diabetes and arthritis.

Biking is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems associated with a passive lifestyle.

Cycling is a useful exercise, notRequiring high costs. It is available to people of all age groups, provided there are no restrictions prescribed by the doctor. Riding a bicycle, for example, to work or to a store is a simple way to combine daily cares with effective physical activity. To get maximum health benefits, it takes only two to four hours a week.

For people with disabilities, bike models are available, where the pedal needs to be twisted by hand. To fix the hands, straps are used on Velcro.

Strengthening muscle tone

Despite the general opinion, cyclingWalks strengthen not only the muscles of the legs. In this exercise, almost all the muscles of the body are involved, therefore, riding a bicycle contributes to the overall strengthening of muscle tissue. In addition, the risk of getting stretching is quite small. As a result of regular training, the mobility of the hip and knee joints will improve, legs, thighs, and shins will acquire a fine muscular relief. Also, thanks to the strengthening of the back muscles supporting the spine, bicycling well straightens the posture.

The cardiovascular system

When cycling, the heart rate is equalized. Studies have shown that cycling at work increases the endurance of the cardiovascular system by 3-7%.
According to the British Medical Association, the risk of heart attack can be reduced by 50%, if a week to ride a bicycle distance of about 30 km.

Burning calories

Bike is your best assistant in the fight againstExtra pounds. Biking on average rhythm burns an average of 300 kilocalories per hour. If you do 30 minutes a day, you can lose up to 5 kilograms of fat a month. In addition to the fact that this exercise helps build muscle mass, it also improves metabolism.

Diabetes is often associated with a sedentary mannerLife. A global study conducted in Finland showed that regular cycling reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 40%.

Coordination and stress

When riding a bicycle, all parts of the body are involved. Therefore, the coordination of the movement of the hands, feet, feet and hands, as well as visual and auditory coordination, is improved.
Psychologists say that regular cyclingWalks reduce the level of stress and treat depressive states, and also increase self-esteem and self-confidence. It is a good way to be alone with nature, to enjoy fresh air, to feel free. Such activities help to forget about daily problems and help to get rid of mental hardship.

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