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How useful cycling

The useful cycling

To be healthy and in good shape, you need physical activity.

Regular exercise protects the body against serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes and arthritis.

Biking - one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems associated with passive lifestyle.

Cycling - a useful exercise, notcostly. It is available to people of all age groups in the absence of any restrictions prescribed by the doctor. Biking, for example, to work or to the store - it's a simple way to combine daily care with an effective exercise. To obtain the maximum benefit to health requires only two to four hours in a week.

For people with disabilities are available bike models where you need to turn the pedal arms. To lock hands using Velcro straps.

Strengthening muscle tone

Despite the general opinion, bikewalks not only strengthen the leg muscles. In this exercise involved almost all the muscles of the body, therefore, cycling contribute to the overall strengthening of muscle tissue. Besides the risk of getting fairly small tensile. As a result, regular exercise will improve the mobility of the hip and knee sustavov- legs, thighs, drumsticks acquire beautiful muscular relief. Also, due to the strengthening of the back muscles that support the spine, bicycle riding well straighten your posture.

The cardiovascular system

When riding a bike heart rate leveled. Studies have shown that cycling to work increases the endurance of the cardiovascular system by 3-7%.
According to the British Medical Association, the risk of heart attack can be reduced by 50% if a week to pass on the bike a distance of about 30 km.

Burning calories

Bike - your best assistant in the fight againstoverweight. Cycling in the average rhythm burns an average of 300 calories per hour. If you are doing 30 minutes a day, a month, you can lose up to 5 kilos of fat. Besides the fact that this exercise helps to build muscle mass, it also improves metabolism.

Diabetes is often associated with a sedentarylife. A global study conducted in Finland found that regular cycling trips reduce the risk of Type II diabetes by 40%.

Coordination and stress

During cycling, involving all parts of the body. Therefore, improving the coordination of movements of the arms, legs, feet and hands, as well as visual and auditory coordination.
Psychologists say that regular cyclingwalking reduces stress level and treat depression and increase self-esteem and self-confidence. This is a good way to be alone with nature, enjoy the fresh air, feel free. These classes help to forget about everyday problems and help get rid of the mental burdens.

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