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How do spell

How do you spell

Privorot - action aimed at attracting a man who does not feel any sense to you. There are several types of omens.

The first involves the use of special items, and the second - the use of verbal formulation.

What omens exist

Privorot can be divided into black and white, bymagic, which is used in the process. White spell causes a strong desire in man, if he wants to at least some of the perpetrators of love spell. This is why white spell so often used to strengthen the relationships that are slightly loosened. Very often white spell brings not only sexual desire but also a desire to be close. Black spell affects a person's will, then he becomes the victim and the puppet in the hands of the one who made love spell.

White spell can bring you problemshealth area, and can pass unnoticed, it all depends on who and how makes the ritual. But black spell always turns big troubles.

To make a strong acting spellshould refer to the magician or witch, because their own experience without making extremely difficult spell at least a spell, which then does not respond to your body.

To choose a magician, who will do for youspell, ask him how the work was going on. Of course, no one has to tell you about his actions in detail, but the general principles must be found. If you talk about the impact of energy on the human senses, building the overall harmony of the senses, such a specialist can be selected without any fears.
If the magician is going to use a radicalapproach, in which man you want, can not live without you, it is better not to continue communication with such psychic as comprehensive, complete binding - it is very unpleasant and certainly bad. In fact, you take away the sin of the death of a person, if something goes wrong.

If you are a believer, do not refer to the love spell. It is considered a sin.

If an alleged specialist in general is not talking about the technical side of their work, most likely it is poorly versed in the issue and its services is best not to use.

How to make your own spell

If desired, you can try to make your own spell, but it will not be too strong and can quickly vanish. Typically, such "domestic" omens require the participation of a variety of items.
In the first case, you will need salt. We need to take a small amount of it in his hand and firmly say three times, "How you, salt, people love and my husband loved his wife." Then you can pour the salt in food for your loved one, or throw it. It is believed that it is better to throw out.

Do not turn the first announcement in the newspaper during the search magician. It is better to ask around for friends.

The second option requires the active plotwillow branch and an icon in the house. A branch should be broken into two pieces, and say, "As long as my willow for the icon is, the husband does not run away, do not cease to love me, I will not forget. Amen". Both parts of the willow to put over on the icon. This spell works as long as you do not throw out the willow.

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