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How to make a love spell


How to make a love spell</a>

Privorot is an action aimed at attracting a person who does not have any feelings for you. There are several types of spells.

The first involves the use of special objects, and the second involves the use of verbal formulation.

What spells exist

Spells can be divided into black and white, according toMagic that is used in the process. The white privorot causes a strong attraction in a person, if he even wants a little whoever made the spell. That's why the white spell is so often used to strengthen relationships that have been shaken a little. Very often a white love spell brings not only a sexual attraction, but also a desire to be around. The black spell has an effect on the will of man, then he becomes a victim and a puppet in the hands of the one who made the spell.

White Privorot can bring you problems inHealth, and can pass without a trace, it all depends on who and how to do the ritual. But the black spell always turns into big trouble.

To make a strong, acting love spellIt is necessary to turn to a magician or witch, since it is extremely difficult to make a spell without experience, at least such a spell that will not later respond to your body.

To select the mage that will do for youPrivorot, ask him about how the work is going on. Of course, no one should tell you about their actions in detail, but general principles need to be learned. If you are told about the impact on a person's energy feelings, building a common harmony of feelings, such a specialist can be chosen without special fear.
If the magician is going to use a radicalAn approach in which the person you want can not live without you, it is better not to continue to communicate with such a psychic, since a complex, complete binding is extremely unpleasant and certainly bad. In fact, you take upon yourself the sin for the death of a person, if something goes wrong.

If you are a believer, do not turn to a spell. This is considered a sin.

If the prospective specialist does not talk at all about the technical side of his work, he is likely to be poorly versed in the matter and it is better not to resort to his services.

How to Spell Yourself

If you want, you can try to make the spell yourself, but it will not be too strong and can quickly unwind. Usually such "everyday" love spells require the participation of a variety of subjects.
In the first case, you will need salt. You need to take a small amount of it in your hand and firmly say three times "How you, salt, people love, so the husband loved his wife." Then you can pour this salt into the food of your loved one or throw it away. It is believed that it is better to throw out.

Do not contact the first ad in the newspaper while searching for the mage. Better ask around for acquaintances.

The second version of the current conspiracy requiresA willow branch and an icon in the house. The branch should be broken into two pieces and said "While my willow is behind the icon, my husband will not run away, I will not stop loving, I will not forget. Amen". Both parts of the pussy will need to be put for or on the icon. This spell works until you throw the willow.

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