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How to tighten the cloth


How to tighten the cloth</a>

Buttons for this or that productnot difficult ? Good, the stores are presented with a huge selection. But if you need buttons that are covered with fabric, then, probably, these buttons will have to be done on their own, because both the color and the texture of the fabric on the buttons must match the one from which the product is sewn.

To make such buttons with your own hands, follow the instructions below.



Method 1.
For this method, you will need specialBlanks for the manufacture of fabric buttons. They are sold in hardware stores, come in a variety of sizes and are made from a wide variety of materials. Choose metal blanks only if you are sure that in the future the product with buttons you will not be washed. If the product needs to be washed, then give preference to plastic blanks.
Each blank consists of two parts? Main, which has a leg of the future button, and the back, which is a circle with a hole.


First, cut a few circles from the fabric,Suitable for the size of the work. In some sets, special paper circles are attached to the buttons, you can use them. Make as many circles as you have buttons.


Now cut the thread of the desired length and at the endTie a knot. Now take a circle from the fabric and at the very edge of it, sew it with a thread, without first tightening it. You have a pocket for the button. In this pocket, insert the blank, and tighten the thread.


Now tighten the thread. Make sure that the wrinkles formed around the edges lie smoothly and neatly, and if there are patterns on your fabric, make sure that they lie flat and correctly. After that, take the back circle of the button, put it on the leg and press it as tightly as possible.


Method 2.
To tighten the button with a cloth in this way,Purchase a special device for tightening. It is a plastic body consisting of two parts and having several holes for making buttons of different diameters. And, of course, as in the previous method, you will need a button blank.


As in the previous method, cut out of the fabricAs many circles as you need to make buttons. If you cut them out of a patterned fabric, then carefully watch how it is located on the circles.


Place the tissue circle on the holeThe device, which will correspond to the diameter of the future button. Place the circle neatly so that the fabric does not move and tighten the button correctly.


Now put the button in the hole and stronglyPress down so that it is tight. After that, put the rear round wall of the button on the leg, and then put the second half of the device on the first and press it as tightly as possible. Now take off the prepared button from the hole.
Your buttons are ready, you can safely sew them on the product.

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