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HOW upholstered

How upholstered

Buttons to a particular product to choosenot difficult ? the good, the stores represented just a huge choice. But if you need buttons, covered with a cloth, it is likely that these buttons will have to do it yourself, because the color and texture of the fabric with buttons must comply with the one from which the sewn product.

To make these buttons with their own hands, follow the instructions below.



Method 1.
For this method, you will need specialblocks for making fabric buttons. They are sold in hardware stores, there are many different sizes and made of different materials. Choose metal blanks only if you are certain that in the future the product with the buttons you will not be erased. If the product will need to be washed, then give preference blanks made of plastic.
Each ingot is divided into two parts? core on which there are buttons future leg and the rear, which is a circle with an opening.


First cut of the cloth a few circles,suitable size for the job. In some kits to the buttons attached special paper circles, you can use them. Make as many circles as you have buttons.


Now cut the thread of the desired length and at the endtie a knot. Now take a circle of fabric and sew to the edge of his thread, loosely at first. You have turned a pocket for the buttons. In this pocket, insert disc and tighten the thread.


Now tighten the thread. Make sure that the folds formed on the edges were smooth and neat, and if there are patterns on your fabric, make sure that they are straight and properly. After that, take back the circle button, put it on the leg and press as tightly as possible.


Method 2.
To double buttons cloth in this way,buy a special device stitched. It is a plastic housing consisting of two parts and having a plurality of apertures for the manufacture of buttons of different diameters. And, of course, as in the previous method, you need the blanks for buttons.


As in the previous method, cut from a fabricmany circles as you need to make buttons. If you cut them out of the fabric with a pattern, then watch carefully as it is located on the circles.


Place the fabric on the hole circleaccessories that will fit the diameter of the future buttons. Gently place the circle to the fabric is not moved and fitted a button correctly.


Now put a button in the hole and stronglyPush that it fits tightly. After this round the back wall of the buttons put on the leg, and then mate devices apply to the first and press as tightly as possible. Now ready to remove the button from the hole.
Your buttons are ready, you can easily sew them on the product.

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