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How unusual to decorate gloves

How unusual to decorate gloves

You send your child to a masquerade or a Christmas tree without a costume?

This is a solution - gardening gloves.

Try yourself unusually decorate them.

They create a unique festive way for the child and will give a lot of positive emotions to his friends.

You will need

  • -White Gardening gloves
  • -Scissors Tissue
  • -Prozrachny Tissue adhesive or glue for decoupage
  • -Raznotsvetny felt



Gloves in the form of a dragon paws.
Cut out small triangles of different sizesof green felt and glue them to the sides of your gloves. Then go to the cutting out of the dragon's claws. They should be long and slightly curved at the ends.
Glue on the dragon's nail at the end of each finger. Your gloves dragon costume ready.


Gloves in the form of monsters can be made of colored felt.
Separately future monster parts of tissue of different colors. Each monster has to be the basis of color, eyes, nose and mouth. All you have left - to glue each piece individually to gloves.


Gloves made with floral bouquet on the principle of gloves monsters from step 2. Separately cut out every detail of the flower (petals, stalks), and then gradually adhered to the gloves.


Cut out the flames of orange and yellowcolors, carefully glue them to the end of each finger on the glove. Then, these same colors of felt, cut out the logo of any super hero and glue it just above the wrist. Your gloves super hero costume ready.


From pink felt cut out the basis for futurejellyfish. From the purple hair and eyes do. Do not forget to cut the nose and mouth. tentacles can come up with any bright color. Do not forget that they need to be wavy.
Please stick to the gloves tentacles, then a pink base and hair. After, add the remaining parts. Your gloves are ready for sea jellyfish costume.

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