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How unforgettably to celebrate September 1


How unforgettably to celebrate September 1</a>

Children's parties in the memory of each person remain for a long time. September 1 is one of the special dates in the life of the child and an excellent occasion for once again to arrange a real holiday for him.

Let the Knowledge Day become another unforgettable day for your child!

Having marked it brightly and unforgettably, the child will understand and feel the importance of this holiday.

Bright photo session

September 1 is a special day that must remainIn memory for many years. This will help the child's photo session with you or his classmates from a professional photographer. After a tedious posing in front of the camera, you can arrange a snack for your child in the nearest café.


September 1 is an excellent occasion forSolemn line to go with the child for shopping. Machine or doll, watch or fashion hair clip, a huge designer or an interesting book - do not save on purchases this day.

Pizzeria and children's cafe

Book a table in your favorite pizzeria orYour child's cafe. As a rule, on the Day of Knowledge, these institutions arrange various interactive activities for school children with the distribution of pleasant and tasty gifts. Vivid impressions are guaranteed!

With your own hands

Modestly - does not mean bad. If due to various reasons you are not able to please your child by going to a cafe or buying an expensive gift, this is not an occasion to spend September 1 routine! Decorate the child's room with balloons, prepare a purely symbolic gift, bake the apple charlotte and arrange a family feast. Believe me, this will be enough for the mood.

The idea for a first-grader

First-grader after the first in his life schoolLine can be taken to a kindergarten - to see the educators, give them floral bouquets and say pleasant words. Do not forget to take a photo for memory.

The cultural program

If your child is curious, arrange for himSeptember 1, a rich cultural program. Go to the zoo, museum or exhibition of paintings. At the same time, make sure that the child is not overwhelmed by an overabundance of information.

Amusement park

Visit the nearest park or water park. Usually on September 1, they host interactive entertainment for schoolchildren with animators and puppets, as well as various contests with prizes.

What idea of ​​holding September 1 you take note is not so important. The most important thing is to pay attention to your child on such an important day for him. The happiness of your child depends only on you!

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