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HOW twist wire

twisting wires

Wire Twisting the fastest connection that can make any boss.

Important in this laid-contact.

If the twist is weak, then the connection will be heated. The larger the area the better the connection contact.

My practice is checked for lights, TV, garlands, the refrigerator at home is enough to twist the wire.

You will need

  • - Pliers (2 pcs.)
  • - Sandpaper
  • - Knife



Take the solid aluminum or copper wire. After removing the insulation of the wires with a knife need to clean up the ends with sandpaper. Next, the wires should be laid parallel to each other and clamp pliers on both sides. Some pliers hold the wires and others are starting to roll. twisting force if necessary to feel strongly twist the wire may break.


Copper stranded wires are twisted byprinciple pigtails. The wire should be divided into two or three equal parts. Which then twisted another wire which is divided similarly. Further, these twists can be twisted together into a single twist. Before twisting sure to clean up the veins with a knife or sandpaper.


After twisting the wires necessary to checktwist. Slightly sway the wires if the wires do not move the good twist. Do not cut the wire ends so as circumcision reduces unnecessary long contact area. It is better to bend the ends of the twist and squeeze the pliers.

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