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HOW twist electronic speedometer at the WHA

As a twist electronic speedometer at the WHA

Sometimes there are cases when it is necessary to twist the mileage on the odometer.

This is done when you decide to sell the car.

And to make it more attractive to a buyer, you want to reduce some mileage.



To twist the electronic speedometer,Take a screwdriver, wrenches and, if necessary, pliers. To begin, remove the speedometer dashboard. Unscrew the glass cover with a screwdriver, pry the screwdriver and pull the edge of the speedometer itself. Sooner or later it will come out completely.


Then climb up the inside of the box and remove the cablespeedometer. Take special tubing and motor at 12 volts. Throw wire to the battery and pick the polarity so that the speedometer was braided in the desired direction. If the speedometer is not removed, all of the above actions are performed with the pit where it is installed.


If you yourself were unable to wring mileage speedometerRefer to the experienced professionals in their field. Fortunately now there are many companies in the domestic market, which will help you pull up the electronic speedometer. There is also a special sites, where you are sure to help for a small fee. Refer to the body shop, where you not only to twist the speedometer, but also hold a full computer diagnostics of your car. After all, if you're going to sell it, and every detail of the mechanism of the machine must be in perfect order. A preroll electronic speedometers will help you sell the car as much as possible profitable.


Modern speedometers are divided in VAZ carsmechanical and electronic. With a twist of the mechanical speedometer you should have no problem. Everything is done is simple: just enough to wind the cable in the desired direction. Stranding electronic speedometer - much more intelligent and time-consuming activity, where no electrical knowledge bases you will not be able to fulfill all our plans.

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