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How to cycle parquet with your own hands


Batching of parquet</a>

As many builders say, almost half of all repair work can be done by the owner of the apartment.

Ciclevka parquet just the same applies to the sphere of repair, which even an unprepared person can perform on "hurray."

You will need

  • - Cylinder machine
  • - Handle with handle and sharpened surface
  • - a vacuum cleaner
  • - respirator
  • - sandpaper
  • - varnish



Preparation for work
The first thing you need to clean the floor. Wipe all the dust, wash the floor itself. If the dust is too much, then we use a vacuum cleaner so that it completely cleans the entire parquet.


Tool selection
There are 2 ways to cycle parquet with your own hands: You can use a professional machine, or a special manual cycle. If you want to work as a machine, it's best to rent it. If you decided to put parquet, using the cicle, then you need to go to the store and buy a tool with a width of 5 centimeters.

Manual cycle


Site preparation
If you have chosen the place where you will cycle the parquet, then wet it with a wet rag. Put on the respirator.


It is best to start from the middle of the room. Ciclement parquet should move towards the walls. To smoothly remove the layer of wood, try to press the cycle evenly, with both hands. Do not forget to sharpen the instrument from time to time to make it easier to work. And sharpen should be as with one, and on the other side.


After the cycle, grinding is carried out. We take sandpaper and go through all the parquet again. Advice from a professional: for better effect, you can attach sandpaper to the sole of shoes and work with your feet, just like on a rink.

Polishing of parquet


Coating with varnish
We take the lacquer and cover it with a clean surface. It is not recommended to walk on the floor, until the varnish is dry.


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