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HOW tsiklevat parquet with his own hands

parquet scraping

How many builders say that almost half of all maintenance work can make the owner of the apartment.

Sanding parquet as time refers specifically to the scope of repairs that even an untrained person can perform on "hurray".

You will need

  • - Scraping machine
  • - Manual device with a handle and honed surface
  • - a vacuum cleaner
  • - respirator
  • - sandpaper
  • - lacquer



Getting Started
The first step is to clean up the floor. Wipe off any dust, wash the parquet itself. If too much dust, then use a vacuum cleaner, it is completely cleared the whole flooring.


tool selection
There are 2 ways to scrape parquet with his own hands: You can apply a professional machine, or a special hand-cycle. If you want to operate the machine, it is best to take it out. If you decide to put the parquet, using a loop, you need to go to the store and buy a tool width of 5 centimeters.

hand scraper


site preparation
If you choose the place where you will scrape parquet, moisten it with a wet cloth. Put on a respirator.


It is best to start from the middle of the room. Sanding parquet must move in the direction of the walls. To precisely remove the layer of wood, try to press the cycle evenly, with both hands. Do not forget from time to time sharpening tool to make it easier to work with. And to whet be as one, and with the other hand.


After sanding be resurfacing. Take the sandpaper and go through all the parquet again. Advice from a professional: for the best effect, you can attach the sandpaper to the sole of the boot and run down, just like on a skating rink.

parquet polishing


The coating varnish
Take the paint and cover them clean surface. Do not walk on the parquet floor, as long as the varnish is not dry.

lacquer on the parquet

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