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Understanding Parents and Children

Many parents dream of becoming their child is not just mom or dad, and a true friend.

After all, each is a person who respects you, with whom you can talk on equal terms, to share all their problems.

And he'll never condemn and will always help.

Parents can take steps to ensure that your child become a good friend.

Spend time together. Children need parents, not only ininfancy, but at a later age. Get plenty of play and walk with their children. Course work and domshnie case no one has canceled, but you can order nemenee children spend the most time. For example, returning from a walk, cook dinner together, or do cleaning, and in the process of sharing with each other the news and issues. Joint business get too close. If children see that their parents are interested in their lives, they receive support every day and more and more trust im.Glavnoe never tell the secrets and the problem of the child, which he shared with you, other people, even relatives, if the baby wants it he tells .

Show your confidence. If a child sees that adults do not trust it,he would be offended, will close and begin to lie. But otherwise, he feels responsible and tries to reciprocate. Told him their little secrets, learn to keep secrets. Prepare together a gift for somebody from relatives and spryachte it, it will be your total mystery.

Do not refuse to talk to. If a child wants to talk to you to set asideaside even the most important things to do. The kid must be sure that the parents are willing to listen to him at any time. Perhaps he found it difficult to decide on the conversation, and more talk time has not come out. And let the children discuss initially, not even significant, as you seem to be a problem, but with time, when they grow up, they will contact you with any questions.

Do not judge. This does not mean that everything a child needs to keep anhands. You can condemn the act, but in any case, not a person. The child must understand that he is not bad, but his action. Make it clear to your child that his behavior upset the parents, and the next time you need to do differently.

Arguments bans. Allow the child literally everything, of course you can not. We have something to deny, that a ban. But never forget to argue his waiver. The child must understand that this is not a whim of the parents and everything has a reason.

Consult with children. All obschesemeynye issues are resolved with the children. The child is very important to know that his opinion is also significant in the family.

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