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How to transplant cypress


How to transplant cypress</a>

Cypress is not only a rare and beautiful plant, itIt is also useful for your whole family. The phytoncides released to them have a positive effect on respiration and the nervous system. It is capable of absorbing harmful gases, purifying the air and saturating it with oxygen.

Grow this plant can be both in greenhouses, and in the house.

The growth of cypress can reach up to two meters, but if necessary, its size can be controlled.

You will need

  • - pots for flowers of different sizes-
  • - slightly acidic soil mixture-
  • - drainage.



Plant the young cypress shoots into the potSmall volume. This is necessary for the rapid development of its root system. Old plants try not to touch, but if they need a transplant, then you need to do this every three years. Young shoots of cypresses transplanted every year closer to summer. At the same time, cut the cuttings slightly and cover them with a glass or plastic cap after disembarkation. To increase the percentage of germination, keep the soil temperature from 18 to 25 ° C and high humidity. Also use stimulants for the formation and strengthening of the rhizome.


Transfer the plant to a larger pot withCaution. Cypress very painfully tolerates trauma to the roots, so do not release them completely from the ground, replace & nbsp-only the one that shakes itself off. This method is called transshipment. He is not so problematic, unlike the transplant. Use it annually when replacing the pot. Carefully, and to his choice, tk. It also affects the growth and development of plants. The diameter of the pot should be increased every year only by 1-2 cm, otherwise you risk either completely stop the growth of the cypress, or lose the plant, because the oxidation of the earth will occur faster than the roots penetrate it.


Transplant neatly the cypress into the new soil. Carefully refer to her choice, tk. The plant suffers if the composition of the earth is picked up incorrectly. Choose a weakly acidic soil, almost alkaline. It should be loose enough and consist of peat, sand, leaf and turf ground in a ratio of 1: 1: 2: 1. Be sure to make a good drainage of expanded clay or pieces of brick.


Liberally pour the earth. If she departs badly, draw a sharp knife along the walls of the pot. Hold the plant with your left hand together with the ground and turn the pot over. With the other hand, twist it to free the ground. Put the root in water with the addition of potassium permanganate and rinse. Examine it and remove the dry parts with a sharp knife.


Fill the sections with charcoal and lower the cypressRoot in a pre-prepared pot with new soil. Make sure that the root neck is not heavily immersed in the ground, otherwise the chances of a normal growth are significantly reduced. Hand tighten the ground, the level of which should be 2 - 3 cm below the edge of the pot. Put the cypress after transplanting into a dark place. Spray it for two weeks with warm water, gradually accustoming to light. Feed the cypress every month with any suitable mineral fertilizer for good growth.

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