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How to write a complaint to the traffic police

How to write a complaint to the traffic police</a>

To collide with the traffic police employees, willy-nilly, one must face every, even the most law-abiding, driver.

How to protect your rights, if you think that the inspector's actions are illegal, and the punishment is unfair?



If you do not agree with the actions of the employeeTraffic police, immediately on the spot reflect your disagreement in the protocol. This is the very first step in upholding one's rights. Also you can demand to invite a higher-ranking traffic police officer. These measures can help solve the problem on the spot.


If the above measures do not lead to the desiredResult, submit a formal complaint of the established form to the actions of traffic police officers. Do this in the following way: indicate in your complaint the full name of the judicial body to which you are applying, its index and address, also state all the basic information about yourself: full name, home address, contact phone numbers, provide detailed information about those traffic police officers , On which you file a complaint, namely: full name, title, position, number of the sign, number of the certificate, number of the service car, address of the place of residence and place of work. All these data need to be known in advance at the site of the conflict situation. The more details you collect, the more likely you are to achieve fairness in relation to this employee.


After the presentation of the data, write on the sheet the word"Complaint" and as clearly as possible clearly and clearly state the problem situation. The complaint is quite an official document, therefore it is necessary to write laconically, emotionally, remaining within the limits of decency. In no case are abusive expressions against police officers, such as "bribe taker", "fugitive", "scoundrel" and others, otherwise you can be accused of insult and libel.


Clearly indicate what you see as infringement of yourRights, what actions of the inspector you consider illegal. Attach copies of documents to prove your case: a copy of the protocol, the resolution on the fine or forfeiture.


Show your complaint to an "independent expert" - to some third disinterested person. It's good if he has a legal education.


Make sure there are no errors in your complaint. A competent person causes respect, and the complaint of an ignoramus is unlikely to be considered with great attention.


Bring the complaint to the judicial authority or mail it by registered mail.

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