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HOW to use seashells in interior decoration

How to use the seashells in interior decoration

On vacation at sea often are not only pleasant memories, but also a variety of seashells.

That they are not gathered dust without cause, you can find them in the creative use of the interior.

The most common sea shells can be found in the interior of bathrooms, but in general they can be used in any part of the apartment or house.

With the help of shells you can decorate a mirror framefor photographs, paintings or jewelry boxes. Big and beautiful sink can become independent adornment, if you find a good place for it on the dresser, coffee table or shelf.

Without sea shells will not do the aquarium, they will become the perfect complement to it. Even a simple glass vase filled with seashells, radically transform the look of the room.

To decorate picture frames can beused not only shells, but also beads or sequins. Finished frame handmade can be arrange on shelves or hang on the walls, making the interior of the notes of marine style. The perfect solution - panels and paintings with seashells, made with his own hands.

In addition to the shells can bring the holiday interesting multicolored pebbles and sand, making later in clear glass vases or jars and jars of interesting amazing composition.

Even potted plants can be transformed with the help of stones and shells.

Large shells can be used as a stand, such as soap. They can be stacked rings and earrings before going to bed.

The original ideas of a huge amount, the main thing to look at his apartment to see where seashells will look best.

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