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How to use natural gas

How to use natural gas

Natural gas is the formation of hydrocarbon mass that occurs during the decomposition of organic matter in the ground.

In its structure is dominated by methane (80-97%). It refers to natural gas minerals.

It may be at a depth in the earth from one to several kilometers. There is gas in the microscopic cavities - pores.

It is extracted from the ground through wells.



Natural gas is used as fuel inmultifamily residential and private homes for cooking, heating and water heating. It can also be used as fuel for machines and boilers.


Natural gas (methane) is used as a feedstock in the chemical industry for a variety of organic substances, such as plastics.


Natural gas can be refilled gas lamps for lighting. Actually methane is used as a raw material for the production of acetylene, ammonia, methanol and hydrogen cyanide.


At the same time, natural gas is the main source of raw materials in the production of ammonia. Almost three quarters of the ammonia used for the production of nitrogen fertilizers.


Hydrogen cyanide obtained already from ammonia,together with acetylene is initial raw material for various synthetic fibers. From acetylene can produce different layers-kata, which are widely used in industry and everyday life. Also with the help of it, it is an acetate silk.


In the chemical industry, methane is not usedOnly for a variety of plastics, but also for the production of rubber, organic acids and an alcohol. It is with the use of natural gas has become possible to produce many of the chemicals which do not exist in nature, such as polyethylene.


Natural gas is one of the best viewsfuel, which are used for industrial and domestic use. His value as a fuel is also in the fact that it is quite clear mineral fuels environmentally. When it appears much less combustion pollutants when compared with other fuels. That is why natural gas - it is one of the main sources of energy in all human activities.

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