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How to use the egg shell


How to use the egg shell</a>

In pursuit of fashionable drugs for beauty and youth, many forget about the perfection and strength of nature itself.

In a simple shell from the egg contains so many microelements that no multivitamin preparations can match it.

But this is just one area where you can use it.



Enrich the body with calcium and all the necessaryMicroelements: fluorine, phosphorus, iron, silicon. They are all present in the eggshell, totaling 27 elements. With the help of powder from the shell you can get rid of allergies. In addition, calcium is necessary for the development of the child's body. Wash the raw egg with soap and warm water, rinse thoroughly. Pour out the yolk and protein. Rinse the shell again. Boil it for 5 minutes. You can use shells already boiled eggs, but it is less effective. Rub it in a mortar or grind it into powder in a coffee grinder. Take in the morning with porridge or cottage cheese. Taking into account the age, the dosage can be from 1.5 to 3 g.


Use eggshell in garden-gardenWorks. Wash the eggshell eggs already used. Cut it and chop it in any convenient way. Add it to the soil before digging the garden. One shell can use about 100 eggs per square meter. Such a method will significantly reduce the acidity of the soil. This method of treatment is especially good before planting tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes. Grind the shells sparingly and scatter it in the garden or in the garden near the plants, this will scare off the slime.


Apply a shell from the eggs when cleaning the kitchenDishes. Grind the eggshell. Fill it in the kettle or thermos. Pour on a third of the volume with water, shake well and leave overnight. By morning the dishes will be clean. This method is suitable for descaling and green plaque in bottles with water. Pour the shredded shell on a fat pan or baking sheet. Wipe well with a sponge, kitchen utensils will be clean without the use of chemical solutions.


Use the eggshell to plant the seedlings. It will also be a convenient container, which is enriched with calcium carbonate, and will serve as a fertilizer for new seedlings. Break down the shell when planting plants in a common ground.

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