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HOW to use cosmetic ice

How to use cosmetic ice

Cryo - it's surprisingly simple and accessible for each procedure, which is fraught with a lot of useful and even magical properties!

With the aid of an ice massage can solve many skin problems - from the elimination of enlarged pores to correct uneven color.

Thus, included in the program of skin care cosmetic ice!



Lineups for freezing cosmetic ice can be found even in pharmacies, they are quite diverse in structure and action. For example, for oily and aging skin manufacturers are often made ice with an extract of raspberry, cranberries, and other bindersplants containing a large amount of vitamins. However, this water ice can be done by: for oily skin are ideal citrus juices and fruits, which should be diluted with plenty of clean drinking water, and then freeze.


Porosuzhivayuschee action cosmetic ice(Cold temperatures very well reduce enlarged pores after cleaning) can be strengthened in a few drops of pure lemon juice - it is, moreover, also perfectly refreshes and whitens the skin. Wipe face and neck with ice in such a case it is necessary, after careful cleaning procedures - steaming and exfoliation.


When skin problems and inflammations are extremely useful ice decoctions of various herbs. These include chamomile, sage, celandine. Chamomile is generally present a panacea for people with acne, as it has both antiseptic and wound-healing properties, is actively fighting with mikrorankiices acne and blackheads. Brew the herbs in boiling water, then carefully filtered and cooled to villageiceuyuschey freezing.


The best time to cryomassage - is, of course, morning. At first, ice perfectly removes puffiness and tightens the facial contour,bags under the eyes after sleep are reduced considerably. Secondly, the ice narrowed pores are not as susceptible to dirt floating in the air, and application of cosmetics, and therefore will be much less cluttered. Your face will get a healthy glow and smooth, radiant complexion. Hold an ice cube on the massage lines face for 1-2 minutes.

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