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How to use cosmetic ice


How to use cosmetic ice</a>

Cryomassage is a surprisingly simple and accessible to everyone procedure, which contains a lot of useful and even magical properties!

With the help of ice massage, you can solve many skin problems - from eliminating dilated pores to correcting uneven colors.

So, we include cosmetic ice in the skincare program!



Compositions for freezing cosmetic ice can be found even in pharmacies, they are quite diverse in action and composition. For example, for oily and fading skin, manufacturers often make ice With raspberry extract, cowberries and other astringentsPlants containing a large number of vitamins. However, water for such ice can be done by yourself: for oily skin, juices of citrus fruits and berries are perfectly suited, which should be planted with enough clean drinking water, and then frozen.


Reflective action of cosmetic ice(Cold temperatures perfectly reduce the expanded pores after cleaning) can be strengthened by using a few drops of pure lemon juice - it, moreover, also perfectly refreshes and whitens the skin. Wipe face and neck with ice in this case, after a thorough cleansing procedures - steaming or exfoliating.


With problematic skin and inflammation is extremely useful ice From the broths of various medicinal herbs. These include chamomile, sage, celandine. Camomile in general is a real panacea for people with acne, since it has both antiseptic and wound healing properties, actively fights against microdoors andiceFrom acne and acne. Brew herbs in boiling water, then carefully filter and cool foriceFreezing.


The best time for cryomassage is, of course, morning. At first, ice Perfectly removes swelling and tightens the contour of the face,Bags under the eyes after sleep significantly reduced. Secondly, the ice-restricted pores will not be so susceptible to the dirt in the air and the applied cosmetics, which means that they will be less clogged up. Your face will acquire a healthy glow and a smooth, radiant color. Spend an ice cube on the facial massage lines for 1-2 minutes.

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