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HOW to use a roller for hair

How to use a roller for hair

If your hair is not too thick and not too long, try to make hair more volume with the use of special rollers.

Since you can perform rather complicated hairstyles these simple devices, which may in a few minutes to change your appearance.

You will need

  • - Ready to roll for the hair-
  • - Natural or artificial hair-
  • - Socks or golfy-
  • - Net for hair-
  • - shpilki-
  • - Elastic bands for hair.



Purchase a roll of hair. It can be found in one of the shops selling products for hairdressers. If you find this tool you do not succeed, do not despair. Make yourself can roll out of scrap materials.


Having decided to make a cushion for their own hair,select the most appropriate design for you. The roller may have a flat shape. It is usually simply placed under the hair and mask the natural hair. This cushion-like pad is very easy to use and easy. It is possible to make the ring-shaped cushion. It is most often used in different combinations with the "tails" and "tails" of different length.


To manufacture the roller flat shape, takebundle of natural or artificial hair, attach them using the normal gum and nacheshite. From the resulting mass of shape similarity pads, which can then be placed in a hair net, strengthening and sewing up the grid at the inlet. This roller is usually used for the formation of hairstyles on special occasions.


For manufacturing roller ring shaped grabTwo terry socks or golf and cut each finger portions. Remove the remainder of the product formed from it like a "donut." Now insert the folded blank inside another sock or course, continuing to turn out the next roll. The diameter of the "donut" will increase, and the hole inside it will be less.


Make a romantic and beautiful hair,using, for example, a ring-shaped roller. First, comb hair, trying to give them volume. Now tie a rubber band "tail." On the "tail" of the roller-ring wear. The second gum put on top of the roller and your hair.


All strands unfold so that the roller was notvisible. Loose hair, which are not involved in the hair, spread to the sides, braiding each part in a separate pigtail. Now wrap the braid around the resulting assembly and attach them to pins. The resulting hair fix hairspray.

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