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How to Crochet a Bed


How to Crochet a Bed</a>

In most cases, furniture serves us for years.

However, the upholstery in just a few years turns into rags, so that the bed loses its appeal. There are many reasons for this: a cat at home, small children, a fallen cigarette and so on.

If you are not comfortable with the upholstery, do not buy new furniture.

It's enough just to bed a bed.



It should be noted right away that this is not so simple. Have patience and do everything very carefully. Only then will your bed get a second life. Especially because the upholstery of furniture will allow you to use your imagination to the maximum.


First remove the old upholstery, inspectThe design of the bed. If you find problems or malfunctions of the spring unit, replace the packing materials. For today, the economical option is the use of foam rubber and synthetic rubber. In this case, the "filling" of the bed is laid in several layers. At the end of the work, fix the insides with muslin.


Go to the second part of the plan - the upholstery of the bed. For today in shops the huge quantity of the diversified materials from which you will not be difficult to choose one liked is presented. In a wide range of similar products, try to find a cloth with a protective coating. Such material will last you a long time. But the soft pile fabric is short-lived. Also it is not recommended to use stretching textiles, tk. You are tortured with furniture upholstery.


When buying a fabric, do not forget about the color thatYou want to receive. For the upholstery of the bed, calm colors are ideal. But the picture should be discarded, because At the junctions it will be difficult to find the right picture. And the errors in the upholstery will be very noticeable on the throw material.


Now take your bed and cut it.Pattern. According to the drawing, cut out pieces of fabric and sew it. Put the resulting cover on the bed. In order to fix the upholstery on the frame of furniture, take special iron staples or plates, which attach with a special stapler.


Of course, you can refuse from the upholstery of the bed and stop your choice on a removable cover. It is easy to clean, at any time you can replace it with a new one, etc.

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