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How to update the floor lamp


How to update the floor lamp</a>

The floor lamp gives a soft side lighting, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room.

It is easy to use, can be movedAs you need at the moment. The floor lamp, decorated in an original way, becomes a bright accent in the room. If your floor lamp has come time to change or refresh the lampshade, then you do not need to run to the store for a new piece of interior.

Put a little imagination to your old thing to play and light up in a new way.

You will need

  • Shade in the technique of decoupage:
  • - glass lampshade-
  • - beautiful napkins-
  • - alcohol or detergent-
  • - scissors-
  • - glue for decoupage-
  • - brush-
  • - A cloth.
  • Lampshade from fabric:
  • - an old shade made of cloth-
  • - a new fabric-
  • - tracing-
  • - a pencil-
  • - scissors-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - thread.



Lampshade in the technique of decoupageShade the lampshade from the floor lampAnd degrease the glass surface. You can wash the lamp shade with any detergent or wipe with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Spread a soft litter on the table to not accidentally split the glass on the work surface.


Take napkins, whose ornament will decorateYour outdoor lamp. The new design of the floor lamp should harmoniously fit the surrounding interior. So go with your napkins around the room and visualize how the picture from different sides will look. Make a discount on the fact that the light through the glass of the lampshade will make the colors more transparent and lighter.


Carefully cut out the pattern from the napkin. For this purpose, scissors with rounded edges are best suited to avoid accidentally breaking thin paper. Separate the colored top layer.


Transfer the ornament to the lampshade and glue itGlue, gently lubricating the brush over the pattern. Use a special adhesive for decoupage, after making sure in the instruction that it is suitable for transparent surfaces. And then you can see the stains after drying. Fixing the napkin with a varnish is optional.


Completely dry out your decorative product and install the lampshade in place.


Lampshade from clothRemove the lampshade, disconnecting allWires. Seal the seams on the fabrics of the old lampshade in the places where they are fastened together with the frame. Do this carefully so as not to damage the parts. Old clothes on the floor lamp from long use can be fragile.


Divide the old fabric into parts. Attach them on a tracing paper and draw a pattern. If the old material of the lampshade was tight on the frame, make the exact measurements.


Sew a new product for the pattern. With a thin fabric, which will shine well, stitch the details with a "linen" suture. If the fabric is dense, then treat the edges with an overlock. Smooth out all the stitches.


Pull the sewn lampshade to the frame. To facilitate this work, first wet the fabric, and then fix it with threads on the metal parts. Let it dry out in a tight form.


Fix the lampshade on the stand lamp.

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