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How to treat an umbilical hernia in children


How to treat an umbilical hernia in children</a>

Umbilical hernia in newborns is not uncommon, and to calm parents, it can be said that it often disappears by itself before the child turns 3 years old.

But, naturally, frivolously to this should not be treated, since it is still a defect of the abdominal wall.



If you notice a suspiciousProtrusion in the navel, first of all, do not rush to run to all sorts of wizards and "grandmothers." Hernia is not hernia, but in any case, necessarily show the child to the doctor. He will prescribe the right treatment and give qualified advice that will help to quickly save your baby from this trouble.


The most effective method of combating the umbilicalHernia and its prevention - laying the baby for about 15 minutes before feeding on the tummy, two or three times a day. Put the child on a flat hard surface and give him a light massage of the back and limbs (in principle, it's just longitudinal stroking). You can put an older baby on your stomach more often.


Try to use servicesA qualified masseur who can accelerate the strengthening of the peritoneal muscles with the help of certain techniques. But you can work with small hernias yourself. Only very carefully! Massage can be done starting from the second week of life or a little later (depending on the condition of the baby).
Massage your tummy, moving your palms clockwise-
To the navel of the child, attach the thumb of the hand and massage it with vibrating movements-
Cover the navel with your palm and, by pressing lightly, turn the palm clockwise-
Pressing lightly, put your palms to the left and right of the navel and move your left palm up, right down, and then vice versa-
Fold your fingers in a bun and go through them, just pressing, around the circle around the navel.


Your pediatrician or surgeon can recommendThe application of a special plaster bandage, although this method is used infrequently because of possible skin irritation. And remember that this treatment is not carried out on its own. The plaster is applied for 10 days, then, if necessary, the gluing can be repeated.


Starting from the age of four months, with a childSpend medical gymnastics. But in order to find the optimal set of exercises, it is necessary to turn to a specialist-instructor of therapeutic physical training.


For the period of treatment, choose such food for yourself and your baby so that he does not have increased formation of gases, colic or difficult stool.


Do not allow a child to suffer from a prolonged and unfortunate cry so that he does not strain his peritoneum.

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