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How to tow a car with a box


How to tow a car with a box-machine</a>

Owners of cars equipped with automaticTransmission, in the event of malfunctions, excluding further independent movement, often wonder: how to tow the car to the repair site?

You will need

  • - towing vehicle or tow truck.



There are many Soviets in this regard.
Some argue that there is a kind of "goldenRule ":" 50 to 50 ", which states that a faulty vehicle with automatic transmission can be towed at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h and at a distance of not more than 50 kilometers.


Other "experts" argue that by towingLike a car, at a low speed (up to 20 km / h), nothing terrible will happen to it. And everyone who does not agree with this opinion - in cars do not understand anything.


In fact, if to the technical assistance stationNo more than one kilometer, then the defective car with the automatic box, which has lost the ability to independently move, can be towed by a cable. But this, in extreme cases, and only when there is a desperate situation.


In all other cases, the towing of vehicles equipped with Automatic Transmission, is authorized by full or partial loading, which excludes the rotation of the driving wheels, for example, by immersing it in a tow truck. Otherwise, do not escape the owner of the overhaul Automatic Gearbox.

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