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How to think in images


How to think in images</a>

Ability to think in images is a very strong skill necessary for anyone who wants to achieve success in self-hypnosis, self-hypnosis and master the techniques of hypnosis.

Unlike verbal thinking, imagery allows you to directly influence the subconscious mind.

Since using the image information is assimilated much deeper and more qualitative.



First of all, learn to relax andDisconnect from all stimuli. Sit in a comfortable chair, located in a place where no one can stop you. You can close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Think outside thoughts from your mind. Your goal is to calm the mind, completely relax and learn to enter the state of meditation. Exercise twice a day for half an hour. Go to the next stage no sooner than 1 month of regular classes.


Immersed in a state of meditation, mentallyImagine a simple image. This image you must imagine on a contrasting background and with closed eyes. Focus on the image until you see it very clearly with your inner vision. When this starts to work, complicate the exercise. Imagine simple images with your eyes open. First in a darkened room, then under normal lighting.


Continue to improve in presentationImages. Simple images make it difficult, mentally give them different colors. But at the same time try not to reduce the degree of concentration, do not allow yourself to be distracted by anything, do not allow any extraneous thoughts, do not react to any external stimuli.


After you begin to work out all the wayPrevious exercises, in the course of several evenings, try to create the imagined image with you to sleep, so that it is firmly entrenched in the subconscious. For this, before going to sleep, follow the exercises described.


Obtained skills of figurative thinking useFor autosuggestion. For example, to become bolder, create an image of self-confident person, not afraid of anything and no one. Thanks to the exercises, you will have a very strong thought-image, which you will take with you to sleep.

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