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How to test perfume

Going on a date, a business meeting or an outing with friends, people tend to look the part. But no way can not be complete if you do not feel the fragrance of the perfume.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to distinguish the real from the counterfeit spirits in the world today.

And it may depend on not only your mood, but also health.



Perfume is always in demand. That's what pushes unscrupulous people on the production of counterfeit products. It would seem that you can close your eyes to the issue of "fake" spirits. However, the recent increase in cases of health problems associated with the use of fakes.


In order to not accidentally buy fakespirits, you must follow a few rules. Firstly, please purchase only in specialty stores, which have long been involved in sales and do not want to spoil his reputation. Usually, in such places, you can also smell the probes to determine the choice.


Now, look at the packaging. Quality perfumes sold only in a good box, which is made of high quality cardboard. All made labels can be read easily. Also note the cellophane that has close-fitting package. The presence of a bar code is mandatory.


These French perfume is always at itspackaging contain an appropriate inscription made in French or English. This should be written «Made in France», as mere «France» is not enough. On quality spirits as you can easily find the percentage of alcohol.


Do not find fault with the composition, as Some well-known companies do not publish a list of essential oils that are used to create the smell. This is due to global competition.


Get rid of prejudices. Perfume for sale without a cellophane envelope, are often original. The fact that the cases without such wrappers are made from high quality crystal or glass. This is another marketing move, when a buyer buys perfume, being keen amazing performance of packaging. Yes, and to forge an unusual bottle pretty hard. Firms imitators simply will not spend money on such a task.

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