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How to restore a medal


If you were awarded a medal, a badge of distinction, or a breastplate showing your merits before the state, then its loss will be very unpleasant.

However, no one is immune from such a situation, which can occur when moving, disaster, or theft.

Nevertheless, if all the same it happened, do not despair: the lost medal can be restored.



So, if you lost the medal, the medal, the signDifferences or a badge to honorary title, you need to write an application addressed to the head of the administration of the subject of the Russian Federation in which you live: the republic, the province, the region, the autonomous region or the county. If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, apply with a statement to the mayor of the city. In the application, describe in detail the circumstances under which the state award was lost. The application must include the documents on the award.


If the documents of the award were lost togetherWith the most reward, send a request to the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense, which is located in Podolsk. There are kept the documents of all military units of the state, since 1941. You will be given a duplicate of the award document or a certificate of reward.


If, after considering the circumstances of the lossState award, the head of the regional administration agrees that you were not able to prevent it, he will send a petition to the Commission on State Awards under the President of the Russian Federation. By its decision, you will be issued a duplicate of the award or its model.


If only the document on the award was lost,Apply with a statement to the head of the local government of the city, or the area in which you live. They will be sent a petition to the Office of the President on personnel matters and state awards. Along with this document, your application and a certificate of the reason for the loss of the state award are sent to the Office of the President.


In the event that you lost your award documentsAs a result of fighting, natural disaster or other reasons beyond your control, you will be issued a duplicate of the award document. In other cases, you will receive a certificate of rewarding the state award.

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