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How to recharge the balance Beeline


How to recharge the balance Beeline</a>

Gone are the days when we needed to defend long lines in the mobile operator's office or buy special cards to replenish the account of your phone.

Now you can increase the telephone balance even without leaving home.



You can replenish the balance of your phone account by cash or by bank transfer. Beeline provides several ways to transfer money to a SIM card account.


Practically in every store you can nowTo meet a multiclass - an electronic device that accepts payment for various types of services, including for the use of a mobile phone. As a rule, multiclasses have a touch screen, that is, you do not need to click on the buttons, but on the corresponding icons on the screen. In the menu of multikatissa select the section "Cellular telephones" or "Mobile communication". Before you open a list of mobile operators, to whose account you can transfer money using this receiver. Choose Beeline operator by pressing your finger on the corresponding "button" on the screen. Enter the phone number in the corresponding window. Verify that the number you entered is correct, and then click OK. Bring the necessary amount of money to the receiver. As a rule, multikatissa accepts only paper bills, but now there are automatic machines that work with iron "trifle". After making money in the multicass, click "Pay" or "OK". Take a check with you: if there is a problem with the transfer of money, you can apply for help to the operator at the Beeline office and confirm the payment made. Please note that most multikatiss charges a commission on the money deposited.


Transfer money to the account of Beeline with bankCard through the ATM. Insert the card into the ATM and enter your PIN code. In the ATM menu choose "Payment for services", then "Payment for cellular communication". In the list of mobile operators, select Beeline. Enter the number of your mobile phone, press "OK". Next, indicate the amount you want to debit from your account and transfer it to your mobile phone. Click OK. The money will be deposited on your balance sheet within the period stipulated by your bank. As a rule, bank transfers take from several hours to 3 days.


You can replenish the account of Beeline mobile number without leaving home. On the official website of the company Beeline http://www.beeline.ru You can create a binding of your bank cardTo the cell phone number, having passed several stages of registration. After that, you can manage money using a mobile. By entering your password on the site of the company Beeline, you can choose the amount you want to transfer from a bank card to the balance of the phone. Clicking "OK", you confirm your decision, and after a while the money will go to your balance. In the same way, you can replenish your account with any subscriber Beeline.


If you are far from the city and you need urgentlyRefill the balance, transfer money from a bank card via SMS. Specify the command * 100 * secret code * amount of payment # call. With this replenishment of the balance, the minimum payment amount will be 100 rubles.


You can replenish the balance of Beeline without commission in cash, if you contact the operator in any office of the company with a passport.

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