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How to count travel


How to count travel</a>

Direction on a business trip involves the preparation of the necessary documents: a job assignment, an order to send a business trip and a business trip certificate.

The employee is reimbursed for the expenses confirmed by documents, related to the stay on a business trip, and pay the daily allowance.

The amount of daily subsistence is determined by the collective agreement or special order of the organization.

During the trip for the employee, the average earnings remain.

You will need

  • - Collective agreement or other document that establishes the amount of per diem in your organization.
  • - A mission statement for sending on a business trip and a report on its implementation.
  • - Order to send a worker on a business trip.
  • - Travel Certificate.
  • - Advance report approved by the head.
  • - Documents confirming the costs of the employee during a business trip.



Before leaving the employee on a business trip in the territory of the Russian Federation, give him an advance in rubles, and on a foreign business trip - in the currency of the country to which he is sent.


After returning from a business trip, check the advance report submitted by the employee and documents confirming the expenses on a business trip, namely:

- travel permit with marks of arrival and departure - approved by the head of the official task-

- an account from the hotel and a cash voucher confirming the actual payment of accommodation-

- tickets for transport, receipts confirming the payment for ticket reservation services and the use of bedding-

- a receipt for payment of travel by public transport to the airport, if it is located outside the village-

- a receipt for payment of insurance payment for compulsory insurance of passengers in transport.


If the employee was on a business trip abroad, then, in addition to the documents listed above, check the following:

- receipts confirming the costs of issuing foreign passports and visas;

- Bank documents confirming the costs of exchanging traveler's checks for cash foreign currency-

- receipts for payment of consular and airfield charges-

- receipts for payment of the fee for the right of entry or transit of motor vehicles-

- a document certifying the compulsory medical insurance.


Based on travel authorizationCalculate the number of days of the trip (including weekends and holidays, departure day and day of return) and, knowing the provisions of the collective agreement on the amount of per diem, calculate the amount of compensation.


Calculate all expenses according to given receipts and checks.


Determine the difference between the amount of confirmedCosts and advance payments. If the given advance is more than this amount, then the employee must make a difference to the cashier, if less - give it to the employee from the cashier.

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