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How to raise a boy from a man

How to raise a boy from a man</a>

Most often, parents remind their son that heThe future man, when the child cries. "Do not revile, men do not cry!" They can say even more insultingly: "What are you crying like a girl!" It's like the difference between boys and girls in the ability to cry.

As if the main task in educating the boy is to teach him to restrain his emotions.

In reality, the main thing in the education of a boy is completely different.



The main skill for the boy's parents to learnTrust the son and be able to express this trust in the child. The boy needs to say more often: "We believe in you!", "Try it, you will succeed!", "I know you can do it yourself!" It is especially important to monitor the level of your trust in the boy's mom . The desire to patronize and protect, so natural to every mother, must be kept under strict control. A good exercise for this can be to draw up a plan of affairs that the son can do on his own. Every day, at least one new item should appear in this plan. Well, if at the end of the day my mother will discuss with the boy how many things he did today, without the help of adults.


To raise a boy from a boy is importantRespectful attitude towards women. Here the leading role is played by the father. If Ivanov Sr. will be gallant, courteous, amiable and eloquent, then Ivanov Jr. will pereimet such behavior. And it will happen quickly enough. Already on the playground will be seen "hereditary" attitude towards women.


Relationship with the family in the child will be formed, based onFrom the life of his parents. Therefore, quarrels with the child should not be. We must strive to rest together more often, spend more time with each other. Learn to make compromises. Appreciate every day lived.


Since the early childhood of the boy's motherIt is worth considering that she is not only mother, but also the closest female representative for her child. What son will see his mother, will seriously affect his attitude towards women. Therefore, Mom should try very hard to always be in shape - well-groomed, smart, beautiful. No leaky sneakers and foul dressing gowns. Mom - the main woman in the life of any man - should always be beautiful.


It is important to fill the boy's life with decentRole models. Choosing a sports club for a child, parents need to get acquainted personally with coaches and teachers, and attend one or two classes. After all, the teacher will be a personal example. What will he teach?


Grandparents can be given an important task to drive a grandsonIn the museums. Talks about heroic personalities to grandfathers work best of all from the family. In addition to museums, acquaintance with outstanding personalities can be arranged with the help of books and magazines.


The boy will often face a ban in his life"You can not cry." This is required by public opinion, although the medicine recognizes the dangerous excessive and long-term restraint of emotions. In order not to violate the laws of society and keep health from the youth, it is necessary to teach the child to give out emotions to others - except for tears - by way of. For example, through sports, drawing or design. There are whole methods of "emitting emotions." It is important to choose the right one for the child.

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