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How to put a local server


How to put a local server

A local server is used to debug sites without directly downloading them to the Internet.

This makes it easier to edit the necessary scripts.

You can build the server yourself through Apache and additional plug-ins, but this is a rather laborious process.

For most users, it will be sufficient to stop on ready assemblies with the installer.

You will need

  • - Denwer or XAMPP package



Self-assembly Apache allows you to configureThe local server completely for own needs, while the finished Denwer or XAMPP will provide the user with a preconfigured and ready-to-use server.


To install Denver, download it fromThe official site in the form of a basic package that contains Apache, PHP5, MySQL5, a management system for various server components, phpMyAdmin, a sendmail and SMTP emulator.


Check if the downloaded server is pinging. To do this, go to "Start" - "Run". In the window that appears, type "ping". If there are lines "Answer from bytes ...", then you can go directly to the server installation. Otherwise, try disabling the firewall and antivirus program, and run the command again.


Run the installer. A window opens in which you will be prompted to select the server installation directory. If the default "C: WebServers" suits, then just press the "Next" button.


Enter the name of the virtual disk that youWill be created when the server is started, and will be associated with the already specified directory. The virtual disk name can not be the same as the physical partition name, so it's best to use the default name ("Z:").


Then the installation process will begin. Wait for it to finish, then you will be asked to choose how the server will start or stop. Choose the most convenient option. The installation can be considered complete.


Run Denver with the created shortcut"Start Denwer" on the desktop. After starting open the browser, type "http: // localhost / denwer /". If the installation was successful, a welcome window will appear in the browser window.

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