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How to perform namaz


One of the main precepts and duties of a Muslim is daily five times the performance of prayer</a>

To be a Muslim? Means to fulfill a number of regulations that are mandatory for every person professing Islam.

One of the main precepts and duties of a Muslim? Daily five times the performance of prayer.



One of the key moments in the preparation for prayerIs that the worshiper must be physically clean. Purification? The first condition of Namaz, which is called? Nadzhasa ?. Both women and men need to cleanse the body after the toilet and put on clean clothes, and also monitor the cleanliness of the place of prayer and the purity of its prayer mat.


The second condition for the performance of the prayer? General ablution, without which the prayer is not considered valid. Is small bathing called "tacharat", a great ablution? "Ghusl ?.
Most often for reading a prayer small enoughAblution, which is required for the purification of the body in the first condition, and includes also the washing of the face, hands and feet. Full ablution is necessary for men, if they had sexual intercourse, and for women? If they are in the postpartum period or after menstruation. If you do not have water to make ablution, you can wash yourself with clean sand.


When performing the prayer, the obligatory condition is alsoIs a special clothing that covers the body. For a woman it? Hijab, covering all parts of the body except the face and hands, and for men? Clothing that covers the body from the knee to the navel.


For proper reading of the prayer, one should turn toFace to the side of Kaaba, located in Mecca, and also to read each of the five prayers in strictly time reserved for him. The schedule of prayer for different time zones is easy to find on the Internet.


Turning to face Mecca, rise to the full height and confirm the intention to perform the prayer with words? I intend for the sake of Allah to perform namaz in two rakagatas ?.


Then raise your hands to the palms of your hands looking at Mecca, touch with your thumbs and say "Allahu Akbar".


After that, put your hands down, clasping the left wrist with the thumb and the little finger of your right hand, and say sura? Al-fatihi ?, opening the Koran:

"Auzu bills of minasshaytaani r-rajim

Bismillahi r-rahmaani r-rahim

Alhamd Lilyahi Rabbi Galamine

Arrahmaani r-rahim

Maaliki Yaumiddin

Iyyakya nagbydy wa iyakya nastagine

Ijdina s-syaraatal mystakym

Syraatallazin angamt aleihim

Gayril magdubi aleihim valyad-daalliin »


When you finish pronouncing the surah out loud, say to yourself, Amin ?, then say aloud again to Allahu Akbar?, Drop your hands and make a bow in the bow while simultaneously pronouncing? Subhana-Rabbil-azyim ?.


Straighten up again and say?Samigallahu-limyan-hamidah ?. Bow to the ground, kneeling, putting both hands on the floor, and touching the forehead with the floor. Bowing, say "Allahu Akbar?" And then? Subhan-Rabbil-Aglya ?.


Again, repeat Allahu Akbar? And sit on your knees. Do you repeat Allahu Akbar? And make a second earthly bow, then climb to your feet. Repeat all the stages of prayer, beginning with the reading of surah? Al-Fatihah? And ending with the last earthly obeisance.


Read the prayer?Attahiyaty lillyahi vassalavaty vatayibyatu. Assalamy aleyke ayyhannabiyu wa rakhmatyallahi ua barakatyh. Assalamy Aleyna wa Galya gybadillahy with Salihyn. Ashkhad Allah Illiahah Illallah. Wah Ashhad Anne Muhammadan. Gabdihu ya razylyukh ?. Finish the prayer by turning your head to the right, and then to the left, saying "Assalamu galeykum ua rakhmatullah?".

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