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One of the main requirements and obligations of a Muslim - daily prayer five times the commission

Being a Muslim? It means to fulfill a number of requirements which are required for each person professing Islam.

One of the main requirements and obligations of a Muslim? daily prayer five times the commission.



One of the key points in preparation for prayerIt is that prayer must be physically clean. Cleansing? the first condition of prayer, which is called? najis ?. Both women and men need to purify the body after using the toilet and put on clean clothes, as well as to monitor the purity of the place of prayer and purity of his prayer rug.


The second condition namaz? common bath, without which prayer is not considered valid. Ablution called? Taharat ?, big bath? ? Ghusl ?.
Most often read prayers sufficiently smallablutions required to cleanse the body in the first condition, and also includes the washing of the face, hands and feet. Full bath is necessary for men, if they had sex, and for women? if they are in the postpartum period or after menstruation. If you have no water for ablution, bathing allowed clean sand.


When making prayer as a prerequisiteIt is a special clothing that covers the body. For a woman it? hijab, covering all parts of the body except the face and hands, and for men? clothing that covers the body from the knee to the navel.


To properly read the prayer must be addressedface toward the Kaaba, located in Mecca, and read each of the five prayers in a strictly allotted time for him. Schedule prayers for different time zones easy to find on the Internet.


Turning to face Mecca, stand at full height and confirm the intention to pray the words? I intend to pray for the sake of Allah in two rakagata ?.


Then, raise your hands, palms facing towards Mecca, tap the thumbs ears and say? Allahu Akbar ?.


Then lower your arms down, clutching his thumb and little finger of the right hand wrist of the left, and say the Surah Al-Fatihah ?, opening the Quran:

"A'oodhu billahi minashshaytaani district Rajeev

Bismillyahi district rahmaani district Rahim

Alhamdy lillyahi rabbil Galyamin

Arrahmaani district Rahim

Maaliki yaumiddin

Iyyyakya nagbydy Islands iyyakya nastagyyn

Ihdina to-syraatal mystakyym

Syraatallyazina angamta Aleichem

Gayril magdubi Aleichem Walad-daaalliin "


After graduating recite surah aloud, tell about yourself? Amin ?, then say out loud again? Allahu Akbar ?, lower your arms and make the waist bow at the same time saying? Subhan-Rabbiyal-azyym ?.


Again straighten up and say?Samigallahu-limyan Hamid ?. Take a bow to the ground, kneeling, laying on the floor with both hands and forehead touching the floor. Making a nod, say? Allahu Akbar? and then? Subhan-Rabbiyal-Aglya ?.


Again, repeat? Allahu Akbar? and sit down on my knees. Repeat? Allahu Akbar? and take the second prostration, then rise to his feet. Again, repeat all the steps of prayer, beginning with the reading of surah? Fatiha? and ending with the last prostration.


Read the prayer?Attahiyaty lillyahi vassalavaty vatayibyatu. Assalyamy aleukia ayuyhannabiyyu wa wa rahmatyllahi barakatyh. Assalyamy Aleine Islands with Galya gyybadillyahi-Salikhiyn. Ashhady Halles illyaha illyallah. Ba ashhady anna Mukhammadali. Gabdyhu rasylyuh ya ?. Finish the prayer by turning the head to the right and then left, saying? Assalyamu galeykum wa Rahmatullah ?.

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