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How to pack handmade soap


How to pack handmade soap</a>

Handmade cosmetics is gaining popularity.

More and more women and even men practice soap making at home.

It becomes increasingly difficult to single out your products, in which you have certainly invested a piece of heart and soul, among similar creations of other people.

It is packaging that will give your handmade soap a unique originality.



The simplest, but at the same time very stylishThe packaging option is kraft paper. Strong and natural, it perfectly emphasizes the man-made soap. You can just wrap a piece of handmade soap into a piece of kraft paper or make a bag of it and put your work there.


For decorative packaging of handmade soapsThe most suitable are natural materials: parchment (or natural unbleached paper), sisal and raffia, natural twine and strands, wooden beads and buttons. Particularly beneficial such materials will look in combination with soap, boiled from scratch, or soap from the base, simulating "nulevku."


Interestingly and unusually looks handmade soap, enclosed in a ready-made soap box and packed with it. In addition, you get a double gift.


A win-win option for any soap is a box. Cardboard or plastic, glossy or matte. Any, even the most ordinary cylinder can be turned into an original festive box.


An ordinary cellophane bag can also beUsed as a good packaging. Put soap, for example, on a piece of burlap, and from above tie a packet with natural string. You will get a real showcase, allowing you to view the soap without opening the package.


A modern and practical option is a shrink film. Just wrap this film around the soap and heat according to the instructions. Glue the label on top. Laconic and beautiful.


For bright, festive and children's soaps, sacks from organza are perfect. They will give the soap a special shine.


About 3-D soap you need to think in detail and choosePackaging, which can advantageously emphasize its features. For example, wrap it in a translucent mesh and tie it with a silk ribbon. Similarly, you can pack soap into a thin napkin or transparent wrapping paper.

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