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How to open a wholesale company


How to open a wholesale company</a>

Wholesale trade requires considerable investments, serious competition and a well-thought-out organization of logistics.

However, the income from a wholesale company with the right construction of a business can exceed all your expectations.

You will need

  • - start-up capital-
  • - stock-
  • - transport-
  • - the Internet.



Conduct a market survey of your region. Identify the major players in the area that you have chosen to trade. Mark for yourself the distinguishing features of your company, which can become competitive advantages. This may be a lower price, a deferred payment, favorable delivery conditions, quality work with small towns of the region.


The key moment in the organization of a wholesale company -Debugging warehouse logistics. Find a room that meets all the requirements of your business and the specifics of the goods. When choosing, you should take into account the availability of warehouse equipment, convenience of location, the presence of access roads and railways, conditions of warehouses in the cold season, sewerage, security.


Enter into contracts with the manufacturers of goods,Which you will purchase products. Specify in detail the terms of delivery: terms, packaging, assortment. Make an annual procurement plan, because the production of goods takes time. Describe the conditions for acceptance of goods and return in the event of marriage.


Get the necessary equipment. For work inside the warehouse you will need at least one loader and a trolley. Depending on the type of goods, you can facilitate work with the help of specialized warehouse equipment: rigging systems, stackers, lifts. If you plan to deliver products to customers, consider buying a truck.


Place information about your company in allCity business directories, electronic maps, thematic sites. Investments in large-scale advertising (banners, television) depend only on your budget. However, at the initial stage, you must take care of the necessary information to potential customers with less costly methods.


Create a website for your company,Combined with the functions of the online store. So you can go to other regions and make larger deliveries. To create a wholesale online store, you do not need to create an attractive portal interface and spend a lot of money to support it. The main thing is full information about the available goods and timely update of warehouse balances. Make a page using one of the free resources. Sign a contract with the transport company. Wholesale deliveries to the regions will bring a good income, because in this case the factor of competition with the closest analogous firms is reduced.

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