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How to open a stock of clothes


How to open a stock of clothes</a>

On inexpensive goods you can earn a lot, this proves a business like a stock store.

Initial investment in the opening of the stock store is not too big, because things are cheap and are bought for weight.

Registration of a commercial space also does not require any serious investments.



As a rule, stock-stores of clothes are divided into twoType: huge (about 1000 square meters) or small (about 60 square meters), there are much less common in the area. The premises for the store should be located in a place convenient for visitors. If this drain is large, parking should be provided, a store with a small area should be located in places with high traffic.


Make out a stock store in an extremely democratic style. Observe two basic rules - the convenience of the buyer and the internal purity of the store, you can save on other things.


To open a stock clothing store for youWill require about 400 thousand rubles to 3 million rubles, the initial costs depend on the area of ​​the store. To buy things for the store area of ​​about 50 square meters will take about 200 thousand rubles.


At the first stage you can buy goods from wholesaleCompanies that sell stock in Russia. But when opening a large store, pay immediate attention to wholesale stock storages located abroad. Clothing there is much cheaper.


The stock of stock shops is clothing,Which for various reasons is not in demand in brand stores. It can be a collection of last year, or the remnants of a new, or maybe even unsuccessful, model. To sell such non-topical clothes, The most common approach is the usual marketing method - low prices. Stokovy clothing store, in the first place, earns on the number of sales, and not on the markup for the goods. Although sometimes it is possible for some owners of drains to establish a high mark-up of several hundred percent for some goods, but this is very rare.


Update the assortment of your stock store as often as possible. Remember two magic words for the store of stock clothes - "novelty" and "discount". They attract buyers very much.

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