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How to open a hardware store


How to open a hardware store</a>

The quality of inexpensive clothing today in most cases leaves much to be desired.

This situation leads to the fact that interest in sewing and the development of the studio only increases with each passing year.

At the same time, it is not always easy to find good fabrics and sewing accessories.

That is why business in this area has great prospects.

You will need

  • - start-up capital-
  • - The room.



Carry out a marketing study after studyingCustomer needs. The purpose of this analysis is to determine the positioning of your store. Perhaps, the city lacks exclusive high-end hardware accessories. After receiving the results of the study, you will be able to write a business plan.


Proceed to find a place for the store. Consider the presence of competitors, cross-country ability in the area, convenience of location. If there is a studio nearby, the customers will automatically be more. However, the presence of a nearby large fabric store will create problems, since a similar product can be and they have.


Carefully consider the range and chooseSuppliers. The market of sewing accessories today is quite saturated, so you can offer both expensive products and common consumables for sewing. Consider that 80% of the turnover will be inexpensive running goods - from threads and buttons to locks and fasteners. However, you need to make a section of expensive furniture. This can be designer rhinestones or trendy buttons. Coming to the store just behind such a product, the buyer will certainly acquire in parallel and more simple products.


Consider the advertising strategy. Focus on both the atelier customers and sewing enthusiasts. With city tailors and private seamstresses, you can conduct a mutually beneficial action. Create two-sided booklets that will be advertised by both companies. So you get regular customers. Those who do not resort to atelier services need to be informed more massively. Give advertising in city directories, order a scrolling line on local channels, distribute leaflets addressed in nearby areas. Keep in mind that such advertising media as banners or publications in the press for you will be too costly and ineffective.

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