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How to open a closed joint-stock company


How to open a closed joint-stock company</a>

A closed joint-stock company (CJSC) is considered to be open from the moment of its state registration.

Before registration it will be necessary to develop its constituent documents and pay a state fee, as well as conduct a number of other significant actions in the creation of joint-stock companies.



CJSC is created by the decision of its founders, whichIs adopted at the meeting of the founders. They can be both citizens and legal entities, in the number from 1 to 50. If you open ZAO individually, then you will just need to make a decision about it - in writing.


In addition to the decision to establish a CJSC at a meeting, it is necessary to develop its charter and approve a monetary valuation of its shares. All this should be done by the founders unanimously.


The founders also need to appoint an authorityManagement and the Audit Commission of ZAO. This is done by a three-fourths majority. It should be borne in mind that at the time of establishment all shares must be distributed among the founders, and at least half of the authorized capital of the CJSC is paid (this is 5000 rubles).


After the development of constituent documents andPayment of the state registration fee (4000 rubles) should begin preparing a package of documents for the registration of CJSC in the tax authorities. In such a package of documents it is necessary to include:
1. application in the established form-
2. the decision to create ZAO-
3. Statute-
4. receipt for payment of state duty-
5. documents on the founders.
In some cases, other documents established by law may be necessary.


The specified package of documents is submitted to the tax authorities. In Moscow, this is IFNS No. 46. It is better to file documents there personally, although by law you have the right to do so by postal mail.


Registration of the CJSC will be completed within a period of no more thanFive working days. After this period you will receive a certificate of registration of the company. From the date indicated in the certificate, you have the right to start your business. But for the further functioning of the CJSC, you will need to approve its seal and open an account with the bank, as well as obtain the necessary licenses (depending on your activities) and register with state funds.

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