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How to move a heavy cabinet


How to move a heavy cabinet</a>

Often a person falls into such a situation when it is necessary to make repairs in his own apartment, and a heavy closet does not want to move, closing the approach to the wall.

To move a heavy closet without attracting a large number of people, one must adhere to simple rules, which, of course, will lead to success.

You will need

  • A wooden shank (for example, from a shovel),



Estimate the dimensions of the cabinet and its approximate mass. This will help you to understand whether his movement will lead to a violation of the integrity of the floor covering or deep scratches on its surface. If the floor is also planned to be changed, then you need to beware of the integrity of the cabinet itself.


Tilt the cabinet slightly forward and lay under itThe back support bar is an ordinary wooden shovel from a shovel or other farm implements (rakes, choppers, etc.) to the place where the cabinet is supported on the floor.


Tilt the cabinet slightly back and push the shank so that the left side of the cabinet rests entirely on it.


Do the same procedures on the right side of the cabinet. If everything is done successfully, then the cabinet will stand on a kind of wooden rollers perpendicular to the doors of the cabinet.


Roll the structure out of the cabinet and rollers toThe right place, making sure that the supporting strips of the cabinet are not damaged. In addition, check the integrity of the wooden cuttings, because if they are damaged, then their further use should be discarded.


Remove the cuttings from under the cabinet in successive inclinations. Cuttings can be kicked out with this.


Tilt the cabinet to the left and insert the stem under the support already parallel to the cabinet doors. In this case, it is advisable to use longer cuttings, since the cabinet can be multi-hinged, and therefore wide.


Without decreasing the slope, insert the second shank and evenly distribute them along the bottom of the cabinet.


Further, the cabinet can be moved in a different direction. Thanks to these simple rules, you can move the cabinet even alone.

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