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How to meet the year of the dragon

How to celebrate Year of the Dragon

Everyone wants to with the arrival of the New Year has come and new life. It ended with a series of misfortunes, lucky in love and work.

Many are trying to enlist the support of the animal - a symbol of the coming year.

In the black water dragon, master, 2012, not too many requirements to the people.

You will need

  • - Bright naryady-
  • - tamada-
  • - konkursy-
  • - fresh food-
  • - spetsii-
  • - fish dishes-
  • - svechi-
  • - Souvenirs from the sea.



When choosing a venue for the New Year's partyremember that the dragon likes to play. Do not gather on New Year's night in the kitchen, and cover with a table in the living room. You can also remove the banquet hall to celebrate the city's main square. You can celebrate the New Year and in nature, but do not become clogged with tents in the thicket. Located on the edge, and let them spread out in front of you endless field.


Dragon attracted many styles of music, more importantly,pulsate to the rhythm made his blood in his veins. You can listen to modern music, rock, alternative. Also, like the dragon and slow hypnotic rhythms.


He likes black water dragon and fun. Arrange to have the festival was toastmaster, or think up a variety of quizzes and competitions. The main thing is that during the competition, all participants a lot of moving. Sympathy dragon will cause those who will actively participate in the games. At the same time remember that the dragon does not like mediocrity. All ideas must be new and original.


The dragon has no special preferences in food, the mainrule - it should be fresh and of quality. Dragon - a lover of luxury, so it is joy in culinary delights, which you set on the table. If you've always wanted to try to make a meal on some extravagant recipe, but you had no reason to do so in the New Year's Eve. If possible, add in the dishes served at the table, as many spices (obviously within reason) - cinnamon, basil, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, chili pepper. Be sure to put on the table a good fish.


Since 2012 - the year of the water dragon, willappropriate addition to the Christmas tree to decorate the apartment seashells, starfish and other souvenirs brought back from trips to the coast. On the festive table you can put the candle.


When choosing a New Year toilets giveprefer bright, extravagant outfits. Although the favorite color of the dragon - a red and green, your dress must necessarily be at least a thread of black. Do not embarrass yourself in a choice of makeup and jewelry - Dragon enjoy your bright festive look.

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