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How to make the most double bed


How to make the most double bed</a>

Any person sleeps about 8 hours a day. It turns out that about a third of his life a man spends in bed.

Of course, it is very important that the bed wasComfortable and beautiful. Today, a large selection of beds is available in furniture stores. But what if the models that you like do not suit you at all?

And those who are satisfied with the price - absolutely do not like?

It's quite possible to make a double bed with your own hands over the weekend.

You will need

  • - Pine timber
  • - drill-
  • - Sandpaper or grinding machine-
  • - mattress for the bed
  • - self-
  • - glue-
  • - decorative racks-
  • - decorative profile-
  • - sheets of ground chipboard



Make the back of the bedMDF profile and laminated chipboard. When cutting the material, orient the part in such a way that the texture of the laminate is transverse. From the bottom edge of the part should be milled.


Make the holder of the central beam The holder is made of a pine beam with dimensions 50x50. The required length of the holder is 200 mm.


Attach the holder of the central beam to the back of the bed. The holder is attached using screws and glue. Mount the holder in the center at a height of 150 mm from the lower end of the backrest.


Attach the decorative posts on the sides of the backrest. Attach the racks on the dowels. Take the glue and apply it to the dowels and along the entire length of the butt end.


Install the decorative profile on the upper end of the headboard. Secure it with dowels and glue.


Make the bed's fendersPractically does not differ from the manufacture of the headboard. The difference lies in the fact that the footplate is to be connected to the squares by means of eccentric ties and to install couplings for attaching the minifix rod. This is necessary so that the fastening elements do not protrude on the front of the footplate.


Make the shanks Prepare all the assembly holes, including the holes for minifikisy. Attach the skirts with glue and screws and the backs of the bed. Fasten the beam at a height of 70 mm.


Assemble the central beam of the bed Attach the supports to the center beam using self-tapping screws. Attach the bar to the holders on the back of the bed.


Cut out the ground mattress from the ground chipboard. For ease of installation, the base should be made of two halves. The details of the base are recommended to do less than the internal size of the frame by several millimeters.


Put the mattress down. Your bed is ready!

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